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Pixel and Nexus owners, how’s the Oreo update holding up?

The Oreo update has been out for a few weeks now. How’s it going so far?

The Google Pixel received Android 8.0 Oreo on August 21, though thousands of people had been using it in Developer Preview form for longer than that.

Still, a finished Android version is sure to attract a lot of attention, even from average folks whose lives don’t revolve around the comings and goings of updates named after sweet treats. And while Android  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 5 and S6 series owners, how’s the Nougat update treating you?

A big update for some aging phones.

Depending on the carrier and version of the phone, it’s been between a few weeks and a few days since your Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 series phone was updated to Nougat.

The update, surprisingly, brings Samsung’s 2015-era phones largely to feature parity with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 — barring any hardware-specific variances — and updates the Samsung Experience UI to the company’s blue-and-white color palette that  [Read More…]

How’s the battery life on your Galaxy S8 or S8+?

How’s your Galaxy S8 holding up after a few days?

A phone can be perfect in practically every other way, but if it falls down on the battery life front, no one is going to recommend it. Samsung’s recent flagships have always done alright on battery tests, but even without increasing the size, the Galaxy S8 is putting out considerably better results than its predecessor — at least according to our review.

But now that the phone  [Read More…]

OnePlus 3 and 3T owners, how’s the Nougat update treating you?

The phones with the best value in the business now have the latest software.

After a long wait of watching other phones get in on the Nougat fun, OnePlus 3 owners now have a full stable release of Android 7.1 for their phone. And though the OnePlus 3T is several months newer than its predecessor, the same feeling of “still waiting …” was palpable when the phone launched running Marshmallow.

Now with the software update rollout in  [Read More…]

Moto Z owners, how’s the Nougat update treating you?

Moto’s modular phone gets Android 7.0 — so how have you been finding the update?

Lenovo’s Moto brand has been hit and miss when it comes to software updates, but at least the flagship Moto Z and Z Force have benefitted from a relatively speedy upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. And aside from the usual laundry list of software improvements, Moto Z owners have more than most to get excited about, as the phone inherits Daydream VR  [Read More…]

LG G5 owners, how’s the Nougat update treating you?

Running Nougat on LG’s smaller flagship? We want to know what you think!

The LG G5 wasn’t exactly a smash hit, nor did its modular “friends” ecosystem take off. But it’s a solid phone in itself, and one of the few released in 2016 to offer a removable battery. It’s also lightning fast, with one of the best phone cameras to date, in the form of a 16-megapixel main camera and 8-megapixel wide angle shooter.

The  [Read More…]

HTC 10 owners, how’s the Nougat update treating you?

While others wait, the U.S. unlocked HTC 10 has Android 7.0.

The HTC 10 was one of the more underappreciated phones of the past year. HTC’s 2016 flagship didn’t flash about too many gimmicky features — instead, it just focused on being a great all-around phone. And the ’10 has gotten even better recently, at least for some owners, with the arrival of Android 7.0 Nougat for the U.S. unlocked version.

Nougat brings new features  [Read More…]

Nexus owners, how’s the Android 7.1.1 update treating you?

After a few issues with the 7.0 update, Nexus owners are right up to date with the new 7.1.1 release.

With the arrival of the Google Pixel phones, Nexus phones like last year’s 5X and 6P were left in the unusual position of being out-of-step with the latest Android software. Google’s phones had a monopoly on Android 7.1 for their first couple of months on the market, with a finalized version of 7.1.1 not arriving for  [Read More…]

Nexus owners, how’s the Nougat update treating you?

So far the Android 7.0 update has been a bit of a mixed bag for Nexus devices and their owners.

One of the perks of being a Nexus owner is that you’re among the first to get a new version of Android when it drops. So if you’ve got a 6P, 5X or any other supported model, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten a look at Android 7.0 Nougat well before the rest of us. New  [Read More…]

Hey Moto 360 owners, how’s that Marshmallow update treating you?

Not a whole lot of external changes, but plenty of usability adjustments.

Motorola’s spotty history with updates clearly doesn’t apply to their watches, as their entire line are among the first to get Google’s latest version of Android Wear and all of the features that go along with that. We already know about the new gestures that are available on the watch, and permissions on the wrist are the kind of thing you either accept or  [Read More…]