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You can now buy the Titanium RED Hydrogen One for a cool $1600

This seems like a smart use of your money.

Way back when in July 2017, RED announced its Hydrogen One Android phone. The Black and Shadow models with an aluminum construction shipped out around October 2018, but the coveted Titanium version never saw the light of day. It was delayed in September 2018 with no new release date in sight, but now in March 2019 — around 22 months later —it’s finally available for immediate purchase.

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RED quietly removes all mentions of Hydrogen One modules from its website

The Hydrogen One’s last saving grace may have vanished.

When it was finally released, the RED Hydrogen One was a disappointing phone to say the least. Its slow performance, poor display, and egregiously high price held it back from ever living up to the hype, but there’s been one thing causing us to still hold out hope — its module system.

Unfortunately, it looks like that may not be happening after all.

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An upcoming 8K 4-View camera will use the Hydrogen One as a display

Can good enough modules save the Hydrogen One? We’re about to find out.

RED’s long-hyped Hydrogen One phone was more or less a complete disaster when I reviewed it a few months back, but I concluded my review by saying that “there’s still so much left to be done with this phone, so much bottled up potential.” The cinema giant’s first phone was built on the idea of modular attachments that vastly expand its capabilities (sound familiar?).

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How to protect your expensive new Hydrogen One

Best answer: Not at the moment, and there likely won’t be many even after launch. RED says that the Hydrogen One is built to be rugged and withstand most wear and tear without a case — but Skinomi offers protective skins and screen protectors.

Amazon: Skinomi TechSkin ($ 16)

Why can’t I get a case for my expensive new phone?

The Hydrogen One is massive, heavy, and built like a tank, with Kevlar panels on the  [Read More…]

When are RED’s Hydrogen One modules coming?

Best answer: There’s no official release date on any of RED’s modules at the moment, but the company says to expect them starting in early 2019.

Amazon: RED Hydrogen One ($ 1295)

What type of modules is RED making?

We’ve seen RED tease a number of modules that attach to the back of the Hydrogen One via its magnetic pogo connectors, adding new and often camera-centric features to the phone. The most notable module in the  [Read More…]

Verizon RED Hydrogen Ones are allegedly being quarantined

People who are looking to get a RED Hydrogen One from Verizon on launch day may not have much luck. According to users on the official H4Vuser forums, many people are reporting that their local Verizon stores will not have devices in time for launch day.

Some Verizon reps have even stated that shipments of the device have been quarantined due to charger issues. This does happen from time to time during the import process on any product, but it  [Read More…]

Where to find 4V content on the RED Hydrogen One

Best answer: Holopix is the best place for discovering users’ 4V content, while the Hydrogen Network holds movies from large media companies.

AT&T: RED Hydrogen One ($ 1295)

Where to find and share 4V photos from Hydrogen One owners

RED’s 4-View claims to go beyond the capabilities of glasses-free 3D, but the best way to judge how good (or bad) it is is to see it for yourself. If you own a Hydrogen One or simply  [Read More…]

What’s the best place to buy the RED Hydrogen One?

Best answer: You can buy the Hydrogen One from AT&T, Verizon, or unlocked directly from RED, but only AT&T offers a bundle with two free movies optimized for 4V playback.

AT&T: RED Hydrogen One ($ 1295)

Carrier support

If you’re a cinema aficionado who just can’t resist the temptation of the RED brand name, the Hydrogen One is finally available to purchase starting this Friday, November 2nd. At a whopping $ 1295, it’s certainly not cheap,  [Read More…]

RED Hydrogen One review: The cinephile’s dream phone … some day

There are few names as highly regarded as RED in the world of cinematography. In the ever-changing, fast-paced world of smartphones, however, it’s a complete unknown. In the 15-month run-up to the release of its first phone, RED has tried to change that, but has been stymied with manufacturing problems and other delays.

Built on lofty ambitions, the Hydrogen One is a distinctly unique device made without any delusions of taking on the Galaxies and iPhones of the  [Read More…]

What we know so far: RED Hydrogen One phone

RED is most widely known for its cinematography equipment, most famously for its high-resolution video cameras. Its cameras have been used to film blockbusters such as Deadpool 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Part of RED’s philosophy is that no one camera is perfect for every situation. That led it to build its cameras using a modular system, producing mods for you to customize it for each occasion. Now, RED is looking to bring this same  [Read More…]