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iFixit is now selling parts straight from Motorola

Not a knockoff.

iFixit has long been known for selling toolkits and providing guides on how to open consumer hardware so you can try your hand at fixing your phone instead of spending a bunch of money at a repair shop. iFixit has also sold replacement parts for various pieces of hardware so users can get their tools and replacement parts all in one go.

What’s been missing, until now, is support from a device manufacturer. But  [Read More…]

iFixit tears down the Galaxy S9+ and it’s not good news

As with any new smartphone release, iFixit has done the honors of carefully deconstructing the Galaxy S9 to see what powers Samsungs latest flagship. By doing so, iFixit also gives the device a score based on easy it is to DIY repair, and it’s not great news for the Galaxy S9+. Having taken the screwdrivers […]

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Be prepared for your next at-home electronics repair with this $25 iFixit toolkit

Got any ongoing do-it-yourself projects? Need some precision repair work done? This deal is definitely for you, then!

We know. You’re clumsy and break things, and fixing them gets expensive, right? Doing it yourself is a great option, but only if you have the right tools around. Right now you can pick up the 64-piece iFixit driver kit for $ 24.99. This is the best price you’ll find on the kit right now, which is around $ 20 lower  [Read More…]

Do your own repairs and teardowns with the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit (Deal of the Day)

Like to tinker or tear apart your electronics? Ever had to send your phone in for a repair that you know you could fix if you only had the right tool? It’s time to get the tools you want or need to help get your fix – literally. About Our Deal of the Day is the iFixit […]

iFixit ranks repairability of 2016 flagships, LG G5 comes out on top

The LG G5 received the repair-friendly score of 8/10.

The LG G5 may not have garnered the lion’s share of love from critics (or sales) in 2016, but it is the easiest phone to repair.

People who are good at the business of taking things apart and putting them back together again — iFixit — gave the G5 a repairability score of 8 on a 10 point scale in their 2016 roundup. They cite the removable back  [Read More…]

iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit only $34.95

Are you a teardown specialist? Do you like to take apart your electronic gadgets and gizmos to see what’s going on under the hood? Maybe your device is broken and you’re looking to save some coin and fix it yourself. Perhaps you’re just curious about what’s happening behind those weird screws. Today’s special is exactly

LG G5 pays a visit to the iFixit offices for a ‘friendly’ teardown

LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the LG G5, brings all its friends to the yard with the new magic slot. The team over at iFixit decided to see just how easy it is to take apart the G5, beyond that of simply swapping out optional modules. The result is LG produced quite the repair-friendly handset, but the company already enjoyed a head start in tests by offering a stunning unibody smartphone with a super-easy removable battery.

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Uh Oh, iFixIt teardown of the M9 shows you shouldn’t try to repair it yourself

The unibody build of the M9 makes it a though nut to crack. iFixIt has bravely dove underneath the M9 undeterred by the unfriendly design of the M8.

HTC just isn’t in favor of making easy to repair devices it seems. It is a good thing they introduced the Uh Oh protection program where they will fix physical damage for you.

The jest of the teardown guide is that the teardown starts off easy, but gets hard.  [Read More…]

iFixit teardown finds Motorola lies about Moto 360 battery

Maybe you’ve heard a gripe or two about the new Moto 360 and its battery. According to some of the early reports, the wearable device won’t make it through the day. Our review model, on the other hand, gets through an entire day without any issue and still has juice to spare. Nevertheless, we could always use… Read more »

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Moto responds to iFixit battery size confusion

There’s been some hubbub in the past few hours over the Moto 360 not having the size battery it claimed — iFixit’s teardown showed 300 mAh versus 320 mAh claimed on the spec sheet. Perhaps not a huge difference, but every little bit of juice counts in a smartwatch, particularly since the 360 has proven to be a little finicky.

Motorola has responded to inquiries about the matter, and they gave a statement to ComputerWorld.

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