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Google Chat isn’t the next iMessage and wasn’t supposed to be

Google Chat will not fix your morning coffee, rotate your tires, or be the life coach you’ve always wanted either. It will make texting better, though.

Remember way back on April 19, 2017 when the Verge told us about Google Chat? In case you’ve been under that rock we all like to hide under sometimes, it’s a push to get everyone — carriers and manufacturers of phones, tablets and computers — to adopt the RCS universal profile.  [Read More…]

Android is finally ready to take on Apple’s iMessage

Google has announced upcoming plans to integrate Rich Communication Services in Android Messages, with the help of a service called “Chat”. This is expected to become available later this year.

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Android Messages is Google’s best chance to compete with iMessage

After years of trial and error, all the pieces are in place for Android Messages to be a legitimate alternative to iMessage.

To say that Google’s had trouble creating and maintaining a messaging service to truly compete with iMessage would be the understatement of the century. We’ve seen countless attempts in the form of Hangouts, Allo, Duo, Android Messages, and others trying to offer the same experience that attracts and holds so many people within Apple’s ecosystem.  [Read More…]

Google prepares to turn Android Messages into a true iMessage competitor

A desktop client, texting over Wi-Fi, making payments to businesses, and more is in the works.

In the great debate of Android vs. iOS, one thing that iPhone users often tout is that they can’t imagine switching to a Galaxy Note 8 or Pixel 2 because Android doesn’t have iMessage. While Apple will likely never add an iMessage app to the Play Store, it looks like Google may be taking matters into its own hands.

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Google’s iMessage competitor isn’t Allo, it’s texting

Android may get its iMessage competitor, but it’s not going to be sexy or blue.

One of the main reasons the iPhone, and iOS, continues to be so compelling is iMessage, the thick blue bubble of exclusivity in the messaging space. Android users are left out, and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future — despite the occasional rumor to the contrary.

But as Android users wait for that morsel of Apple, Google  [Read More…]

[Opinion] Should iMessage come to Android?

One of the biggest drawbacks of using an Apple device is that, unlike Google and Microsoft, Apple has not made any of its default apps available on Android, save one. Apple is notorious for its walled garden approach to software, and although Tim Cook has hinted that more Apple apps will come to Android, time

Google may have found its iMessage rival

Google, along with a number of carriers and the GSMA, want to change how texting works – at least on Android. Apple has long since evolved texting on iOS, with the introduction

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New Apple iMessage de-registration tool lets you switch to Android and reclaim your SMS

Apple had launched a new tool to make it easier for iOS users to switch to a competing smartphone platform and not lose text messages. Previously, iPhone users who switched to a rival operating system would still have their numbers locked into Apple’s iMessage servers, creating problems with text messages not showing up. Now, with the new tool, users can unregister their numbers from the iMessage system and text messages won’t be lost should you switch  [Read More…]