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Immerse yourself with the discounted Oculus Rift + Touch System for $349

Time to create a whole new backlog of video games!

Amazon has the Oculus Rift + Touch virtual reality system on sale for $ 349 right now, saving you $ 50 off its regular price. This deal is a price match of the lowest it’s ever been there, and is also available via Best Buy as an early Black Friday deal. It can regularly be found selling for $ 399.

This deal combines the Oculus Rift headset  [Read More…]

Magnetique on Gear VR: Immerse yourself in a comic book

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be inside a comic book?

VR allows us to experience the world in a completely new fashion. Unlike the past where places you’d never traveled were available only in photographs, or movies, now you can feel like you’re actually there from within VR experiences. So it makes sense that comic books aren’t exempt from that. Magnetique brings you inside the comic so that you can look around  [Read More…]

Immerse yourself in 360-degree photos with Flickr’s new Samsung Gear VR app

Flickr has released a new app for the Samsung Gear VR. What this piece of software does is allow the wearer to experience photos in virtual reality. It’s another cool, yet rather pointless exercise one can partake in with VR headsets. With Flickr VR you’ll be able to enjoy 360-degree photos that have been published on the service.

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Samsung’s virtual reality glasses could further immerse you into TouchWiz

Ready for the next big thing? It’s most likely shaping up to be virtual and augmented reality. We have players like Google working on Glass and Facebook now working with Oculus. Not to be left alone, Samsung is reportedly making a virtual reality headset to be used with their phones and tablets.