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Protect your LG G6 with this impact absorbing case for just $25

The LG G6 packs super slim bezels and a whole lot of screen, which means you likely will want to keep it protected. Pelican’s Protector case offers a single layer of impact absorbing protection without a whole lot of bulk, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 25.

Sony’s Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra look to make an impact on the mid-range market

Sony has unveiled both the Xperia XA1 and Xperia XA1 Ultra at MWC 2017. These devices feature fairly decent hardware specs, including an impressive 23MP camera in the XA1 Ultra.

Samsung seeking ways to limit Galaxy Note7 environmental impact

After the Galaxy Note7 fiasco, Samsung embarked on a quest to recapture consumer trust. But the Korean tech giant isn’t concerned only about its image, it also cares about the environment. So this week, Samsung announced it’s in the process of reviewing options in order to limit the negative environmental impact brought about by the

Essential mobile marketing trends making an impact in 2016

Consider the following statistics that demonstrate just how pervasive the mobile world is. First, according to KPCB mobile technology trend findings, mobile digital media time is quite a bit higher than desktop usage, at 51% versus 42%. This statistic alone is enough to show that if marketers aren’t able to adequately reach their audience through

Save 48% on this impact absorbing case for your Droid Turbo 2

While the Droid Turbo 2 has a shatterproof display, that doesn’t mean you want to leave the back of it unprotected. Incipio’s Octane case will absorb some of the impact during a fall, and adds a bit more style to the phone. Today, you can grab one for just $ 12.95, a savings of 48%.

Samsung shows off how Android M will impact their devices

Samsung seems pretty excited for the release of Android M. As they should be. Android M is adding a slew of new features that will improve just about every flagship device in some way. Samsung has created an info-graphic, which describes exactly what Android M will do for their various devices.

Unsurprisingly, although Android M will bring native microSD support, Samsung has left this little tidbit off of their info-graphic. Although reports and pictures have come through showing off a  [Read More…]

Add extreme impact resistance with Tech Armor’s HD Ballistic Glass Protector for Galaxy S6

When regular protectors just won’t cut it, this tempered glass shield retains top-notch clarity while handing impacts like a champ.

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When you’re using a typical PET screen protector, there are certain kinds of drops that aren’t ideal for the protection they deliver. And, that’s where tempered glass shields fill in the gap. Tech Armor’s Ballistic Glass Protector for the Galaxy S6 has been laser cut, polished, with rounded edges for a perfect fit on  [Read More…]

Incipio Octane Co-Molded Impact Absorbing Case for Galaxy Note 4

A no-frills case that just keeps your Note 4 safe without adding much bulk

The Galaxy Note 4’s metal frame is nice to look at, even nice to hold, but we all know it won’t stay looking and feeling that nice for long without a case. If you’re someone who’s rough on a phone you’ll need some protection, and the Incipio Octane case for the Note 4 adds solid coverage with no extra frills. There’s no  [Read More…]

Request from artists to remove content could impact YouTube Music Key catalog

Music manager Irving Azoff, who counts iconic artists like John lennon, the Eagles, Pharrell Williams, Ira Gershwhin, and others among his clients, wants to pull the music of artists he represents from YouTube. If successful, the move could be a big setback for Google, which had recently announced unlimited streaming through the launch of YouTube Music Key. The contentious issue between Azoff and YouTube is money, with Azoff demanding more royalty payments for his clients.

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Accessory of the Day: Reiko Duty Impact Jelly Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 $5.91


If you’re looking for a low-profile case for your Galaxy S5 and don’t want to break the bank, this Jelly Case from Reiko is worth a look. Designed to protect against damage and shock, this Reiko is custom tailored for a perfect fit. For only $ 5.91 (Prime eligible), this is a nice option for folks looking for a softer slim cover.

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