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Google Home v2.6 brings huge redesign, in-app smart home controls

Google’s Home app is looking better than ever.

While Google’s Home line of smart speakers has been outstanding ever since the first Google Home, the companion Home app has never been fantastic. Thankfully, with the v2.6 update that’s rolling out now, Google’s made the best version of it yet.

The new Home tab is what you’ll see upon open the app, and here you’ve got quick controls for toggling your smart lights on/off, playing music on any  [Read More…]

Loot boxes and in-app purchases: A necessary evil or the scourge of the gaming world?

It’s time we talk about micro-transactions in video games.

You may have read about the controversy surrounding loot boxes and micro-transactions in full-priced video games. The topic has been a point of frustration for many of us, but it’s been getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks, largely due to EA’s recent attempts at implementing those mechanics in “Star Wars Battlefront 2.” If you need a refresher, our friends over at Windows Central have  [Read More…]

HTC U11’s Edge Sense squeeze function updated with in-app customization options

Because we’re all still looking for something to do with Edge Sense.

The HTC U11 is an awesome phone, but the touted “Edge Sense” feature for performing actions by squeezing your phone hasn’t exactly been the feature that’s driving sales. Hopefully that will change today. With an update that’s rolling out now, U11 owners will be able to further customize Edge Sense to perform specific actions in specific apps — in addition to the current slate of  [Read More…]

Amazon will refund $70 million in accidental in-app purchases

A great reminder of why most app stores now require a passcode.

Amazon has effectively rescinded its appeal this week against the 2016 federal court decision which found the online retailer guilty of illegally billing users for unauthorized in-app purchases. Amazon had been ordered to provide refunds to those who had been affected.

In 2016, a US federal judge ruled that Amazon had failed to properly inform users before charging for in-app purchases, which are frequently found  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay adds online and in-app purchases, expands to new countries

A year after launching, Samsung Pay makes a big expansion to new countries and platforms.

After growing its base of compatible banks and credit unions to over 500, Samsung is now targeting an expansion of Samsung Pay starting with the addition of Malaysia, Russia and Thailand — bringing the service to 10 countries in total. Further, Samsung has inked a deal with Mastercard to integrate Samsung Pay with its Masterpass online payment service.

This new  [Read More…]

This in-app training Chrome extension will make you a Google Docs master

Whether you’re just getting started with a Chromebook or your office is one of the millions switching to Google Docs — or maybe you’re just curious, that’s OK, too — if you need to know all the tricks to becoming a Google apps wizard, this Chrome extension is for you.

Formerly known as Synergyse Training, the Training for Google APPs extension will walk you through everything you can do, and how to do it, for Google Docs,  [Read More…]

Google announces in-app search tool ‘Inside Search’

Google has revealed a new feature coming to Android devices today, Inside Search, which allows users to search for content inside the apps on their devices right from the Google app. Located in the “In Apps” tab of the Google app, this feature allows you to search for anything that has been saved in your

Best Android games with no in-app purchases

What are the best games with no in-app purchases?

There’s something refreshing and low-stress about playing a mobile game without in-app purchases. Knowing that you’re spending a couple of dollars to get an entire game that you can actually finish from beginning to end without being hounded to buy coins or gems or some other sort of in-app currency really makes the experience better.

(If you don’t mind some in-app purchases, you should check out our  [Read More…]

Google Now on Tap offers in-app translation, QR code scanning and more

Google has rolled out a few interesting improvements to its Now on Tap feature. You can use Now on Tap to translate text on any screen, including apps, with just the tap of a button. You can also use it to uncover new facts about your interests, and search by image has gotten a boost.

From Google:

Today, we’re introducing new Now on Tap features that surface useful content and create a more engaging experience. With  [Read More…]

Pebble Time snags jumbo emoji, expands in-app language support

Pebble is pushing out a new set of updates to both the Pebble Time firmware as well as the Pebble Time Android app, bringing along some notable tweaks such as expanded in-app language support and jumbo emoji. On the firmware side of things, the most notable change is the addition of jumbo emoji. Now, when you’re sent a single emoji, you’ll see a bigger version than normal. The firmware update also refines some of the watch’s Health  [Read More…]