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Massive emoji update slated for June includes zombies, dinosaurs, vampires, and more

Get ready for a whole lot of new emoji.

The Unicode consortium has released a draft of the Emoji 5.0 update, which includes 69 new emoji that will be released in June 2017. The new additions include a T-Rex, fairies, mages, zombies, vampires, genies, mermaids, a breastfeeding woman, curling stone, and more.

The folks at Emojipedia have a comprehensive list of the new emoji, so head on down there if you’re interested in taking a look  [Read More…]

Samsung’s new Gear VR includes Oculus gesture controller

New 2017 model Gear VR comes with new battery-powered touch controller.

Samsung has announced an updated Gear VR headset and controller combo at its Mobile World Congress press conference in Barcelona, Spain. The new 2017 Gear VR comes with a Daydream-style controller that allows for touch input, as well as pointing and dragging, tilting and shooting within the virtual world.

The headset itself looks near identical to the previous Gear VR, released alongside the Note 7 in late 2016,  [Read More…]

Alto’s second birthday includes extra hype for his next Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is coming!

There are two types of people in the world — those who have lost countless hours to the hypnotic magic that is Alto’s Adventure, those who think the first group should see their therapist more frequently. Well, joke’s on you because my therapist also plays this simultaneously relaxing and stressful side-scroller. Alto’s Adventure has enjoyed remarkable popularity across Android and iOS over the last two years, and to celebrate the second birthday of  [Read More…]

Verizon’s trade-in offer for its unlimited plan includes a free Pixel, LG V20, or S7 edge

Get the latest flagship phones for free when you trade in your older device and switch to Verizon’s unlimited plan.

Verizon is bringing back its unlimited plan for $ 80, or $ 45 per line for four lines on a family plan. You’ll be able to use high-speed LTE until 22GB, following which your data speeds will be de-prioritised in the case of network congestion. The plan also includes hotspot tethering up to 10GB, and comes with  [Read More…]

New NVIDIA Shield Android TV box includes Google Assistant, 4K HDR streaming

NVIDIA’s latest set-top streaming box is a must-buy, even at $ 199.

NVIDIA has announced an updated Shield streaming box — the one that debuted last year running Android TV — with updates to the hardware design, including the popular controller, and significant improvements to the software.

Perhaps the most impressive, and surprising, inclusion is that of Google Assistant, the only piece of hardware outside of Google’s own Pixel phone lineup that sports the nascent AI  [Read More…]

Chromecast now on sale for $25, includes three months of HBO Now

Go buy a Chromecast already.

If you haven’t picked up a Chromecast yet, now is the ideal time to do so. The device is now on sale for $ 25, and Google is throwing in three months of HBO Now — a $ 45 value. The offer is limited to new users, so if you’ve already subscribed to HBO’s streaming service, you won’t be eligible.

The promotion is valid on the $ 69 Chromecast Ultra  [Read More…]

Unlocked LG V20 costs $799 at B&H and Newegg, includes free LG G Pad

The LG V20 will be available unlocked from B&H and Newegg for $ 799. The phone will go up for pre-order starting October 19 at B&H, and all customers purchasing the phone will receive a 7-inch LG G Pad valued at $ 149 for free. The tablet has a 1200 x 800 display, Snapdragon 400, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB storage.

Newegg is now taking pre-orders for the phone, with deliveries expected to commence from November  [Read More…]

Samsung return kit for Note 7 includes multitude of boxes and even gloves

If you still have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has discontinued the device and urges people to return existing devices. So if you bought it at a store, you should return it there and get another device. Five major US carriers and many retailers now offer exchanges for other devices.

But if you bought the device directly from Samsung, you’ll need to ship it back. And as you can imagine, shipping companies aren’t too happy about transporting explosive devices.  [Read More…]

Amazon’s latest perk for Prime members includes free e-books and magazines

Amazon Prime members already get free two-day shipping, access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Audible, and unlimited photo storage with Amazon Drive. Amazon is now adding another perk to the program called Prime Reading that lets customers read from a rotating list of over a thousand titles that feature best-selling books, current magazines, comics, and more.

Prime Reading will be available for free to all current Prime subscribers, and features best-selling Kindle titles including The Hobbit,  [Read More…]

Google’s Project Fi now includes U.S. Cellular

In a move sure to be great for consumers, Project Fi will be partnering with U.S. Cellular to bring even more cell phone coverage to customers. U.S. Cellular has service in 23 states with 4G LTE service for 99% of its customers, in urban and rural areas. This new partnership now makes three carriers that