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Increase immersion with Bluetooth headphones for the Oculus Go

We’re a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. We’ve spent hours looking at all the best headsets and are always excited to look for the best wireless, Bluetooth-enabled options.

VICSOME True Wireless are currently the best headphones you’re going to find for your Oculus Go. From the noise-canceling abilities to their ability to seem like they’re not even there, these are the perfect fit for the best immersive experience for your virtual  [Read More…]

DirecTV Now to increase its prices in August

Get ready to pay more on all of DirecTV Now’s plans, folks.

From our friends at CordCutters.com: DirecTV Now is increasing each of its its plans by $ 5 a month, starting in August. That’s according to marketing emails sent out to customers late Saturday evening. (You know, when people are expecting to learn about price increases.)

This is the first price increase since AT&T merged with Time Warner. Surely, a coincidence.

From CordCutters:

This is coming  [Read More…]

AT&T’s price increase, Sony, Apple, Samsung, and more! (Podcast #16)

Welcome to the AndroidGuys In Brief Podcast. Our aim with this podcast is to update you on all of the important things going on the Android world. Today, Donovan and Andrew discuss a crazy price Sony’s latest phone, Sony possibly pulling out of Africa and the Middle East, AT&T’s deceptive new price hike, Google Assistant possibly coming to feature phones, and Apple and Samsung finally burying the hatchet.

Topics Sony is asking $ 999 for the XZ2 Premium, might stop selling  [Read More…]

Will Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining increase the price of phones?

PC part prices are insane because of coin mining, and our phones use those same kinds of parts. And nobody wants to spend $ 2,000 on the next Galaxy Note.

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin, but did you know it has caused the prices of consumer PC components to skyrocket, and in some cases more than double in the past 12 months?

As crazy as that sounds, it’s true. And not because everyone with a Bitcoin is  [Read More…]

Qualcomm’s simulated 5G tests show a 20x increase in download speeds over 4G

Qualcomm’s simulation tests in Frankfurt and San Francisco highlight 5G’s real-world potential.

Qualcomm is touting up its advances in the field of 5G, announcing last week that its upcoming 5G-enabled chipset will be built on Samsung’s 7nm node. At Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm is demonstrating the real-world potential of 5G by sharing findings of extensive network simulations it has conducted over the past several months.

Qualcomm conducted two simulations, one in Frankfurt and the other in  [Read More…]

T-Mobile to increase unlimited throttling limit from 32GB to 50GB per month

In its latest move to make itself more attractive to customers, T-Mobile will soon be upgrading the throttling limit for subscribers of its unlimited plan from 32GB to 50GB. This piece of info which was first revealed by Android Central was confirmed by the “Uncarrier” itself via Twitter. T-Mobile will start implementing the change on […]

Huawei’s revenues increase by 37 percent in 2015

Huawei has recorded revenue of ¥395 billion ($ 61.10 billion) in 2015, an increase of 37 percent from last year. Net profit increased 32 percent to ¥36.9 billion ($ 5.7 billion), with operating margins at 11.6 percent. The revenue increase represents Huawei’s strongest growth since 2008, aided by the uptake of 4G in China and the vendor’s momentum in the global smartphone segment.

Huawei’s consumer devices business recorded a growth of 72.9 percent, with over  [Read More…]

Samsung forecasts 79.8 percent increase in Q3 profits

In its quarterly guidance report, Samsung estimates it made an operating profit of 7.3 trillion won ($ 6.29 billion) from July to September 2015, an increase of 79.8 percent from the same period a year ago.

Google to increase manufacturing of self-driving car prototypes

Google is evidently expanding its manufacturing efforts for its prototype autonomous cars, planning to build “a few hundred” of the vehicles this year, as opposed to the 100 that were originally proposed. This, according to Google X policy head Sarah Hunter, will allow members of the car team to gain an even better understanding of how to build a self-driving from scratch.

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Android Experiments is Google’s attempt to increase creativity on the platform

The Android platform is a diverse one with a large variety of inventive apps and games, but Google would like to take this a step further. In order to further explore the creative possibilities of the platform, while also giving developers a new place to draw inspiration from, Google introduced “Android Experiments”.

Android Experiments is a site where developers are invited to showcase their most inventive Android and Android Wear apps. With apps like “Inkspace” which allows you to write  [Read More…]