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Amazon Fire TV now has 34 million active users, increasing its lead on Roku

Roku reported 29.1 million users just last week.

Amazon Fire TV now has 34 million monthly active users, up from the 30 million announced in January and widening the gap between it and Roku’s recently reported user numbers. The detail was given by Jen Prenner, Amazon’s Fire TV general manager and global head of Marketing, growth and engagement, during a panel at The Pay TV Show in Denver, Colorado.

Prenner noted that that the platform’s growth has  [Read More…]

Amazon Prime yearly subscription increasing to $119 starting in May

Renewals after June 16 will jump to new price.

Amazon’s Q1 2018 earnings were just released, and the company once again beat estimates. But during the analyst call, it wasn’t all good news — at least for customers. Amazon says that it will be increasing the yearly subscription price of Amazon Prime in the U.S. to $ 119 from the current $ 99.

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Netflix is doubling mobile streaming quality without increasing bandwidth

Netflix is making big improvements to the quality and efficiency of mobile streaming, and it’s working with LG to add HDR support to the G6.

Every year during Mobile World Congress, Netflix gets away from the hustle and bustle of the Fira Gran Via and the core of Barcelona itself, renting a large house somewhere in the city’s northwest, busing in press and analysts during the week to speak to various executives about whatever the company is  [Read More…]

Ford’s working on increasing communication between your car and wearable

Ford is looking to increase communication between your car and wearable, as it begins testing in a new lab. Wearables, like Android Wear-powered smartwatches, can gather a lot of information about users, and Ford wants to utilize that to make its vehicles even smarter and safer.

OnePlus One prices increasing in Europe starting March 25 thanks to exchange rates

The falling value of the Euro will drive up the price of the OnePlus One starting on March 25 across Europe.

OnePlus has made the tough decision to raise the cost of the OnePlus One across Europe as the Euro continues to drop in value. New pricing will go into affect on March 25, which leaves one more Tuesday of open sales before the increase.

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Sony expects another year of losses, despite increasing Xperia sales

As Japanese tech giant Sony restructures its businesses, there are signs of more growing pains to come. The company revealed that it expects losses of ¥50 billion ($ 489 million) in the financial year ending March 2015, whereas analysts had predicted a net profit of ¥59 billion. The previous year saw the company lose ¥128.37 billion ($ 20.62 billion), and Sony’s financial woes continue despite strengthening sales of its Xperia smartphones.

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Colorem: Color Blocks Wisely is simple premise with increasing difficulty

There is no shortage of puzzle games in the Play Store, but Colorem: Color Blocks Wisely offers a fresh spin on the familiar puzzle game concept.

The concept is simple. The player is given four colors, and one by one they must color blocks on a grid in an effort not to place two blocks of the same color next to one another. The name “Colorem” is extremely appropriate, because the user will find themselves tapping through  [Read More…]