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You’ll soon be able to use Allo’s web client independent of your phone

Is this too little too late for Allo?

In Google’s neverending quest to create the perfect messaging service, Allo is one of its most interesting attempts. There’s a lot that Allo gets right, but at the same time, there are features that are totally absent that you can find in Hangouts and Google Voice.

Allo finally got a web client last August, and while this was a step forward, it has one big caveat — you need  [Read More…]

LG switches up leadership to be more flexible and independent going into 2016

LG has announced that the company is switching up key executive appointments with aim to strengthen the company as we prepare to head into 2016. There will now be representative directors who will lead each division within LG – Jo Seong-jin, President and CEO of Home Appliances & Air Solutions; Juno Cho, President and CEO of Mobile Communications; and David Jung, President and CFO.

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Niantic Labs, makers of Ingress, being spun off into an independent company

Niantic Labs, the division behind the super popular augmented reality game Ingress will be spun off into a new company. They’re currently a division within Google but will soon become independent of the search giant. There’s no word on if this is a move brought on by the creation of Alphabet but Niantic will NOT be an Alphabet property.

Google will remain a big part of the company while it looks to bring in “new partners” to reach more audiences. Ingress has  [Read More…]

Niantic Labs is being spun off from Google as an independent company

Niantic Labs, the division of Google responsible for running popular augmented reality game Ingress, has announced to users that it is becoming an independent company — presumably as a result of Google’s recent moves with Alphabet. From Niantic Labs:

Niantic Labs is becoming an independent company. We’ll be taking our unique blend of exploration and fun to even bigger audiences with some amazing new partners joining Google as collaborators and backers. Niantic will be building on the  [Read More…]

Samsung has acquired SmartThings for $200 million, will run as an independent company

Following up a month after an initial rumor predicting the tie-up, SmartThings has been purchased by Samsung for a reported $ 200 million. SmartThings, a startup that creates small controllers that lets users create their own “smart home” one piece at a time, announced on its blog today that it will be joining Samsung but continue to run as an independent company inside Samsung’s “Open Innovation Center” group.

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Sony Ericsson committed to supporting independent Android developers

Android Central

Yesterday we saw the confirmation that, thanks to assistance from Sony Ericsson, almost all of its Xperia range will be receiving full support from custom ROM CyangenMod in the future. Now SE itself has publicly come out in support of independent developers in a post on its Developer World blog.

The post by Karl-Johan Dahlström (he’s the guy holding the CM7’d Xperia Arc in the image above) acknowledges that custom ROMs are  [Read More…]