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Google announces major contest for indie game devs in Europe

Google to European indie game developers: Show us what you got!

One of the hardest challenges indie game developers face is getting publicity and exposure for their finished product. The fine folks at Google are doing their part to help, launching a new initiative for European indie developer teams of 15 people or less — they’ve put out the call for submissions to the first-ever Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe.

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Don’t miss the 2016 Google Play Indie Games Festival!

One particular game genre that has increased in popularity over the past years is the indie genre. Indie games are typically small-scale applications that are made by a small group of individuals, or even a single person. The developers have very little funding and resources, which leaves the fate of the game entirely in the developer’s

Google to host its first Play Indie Games Festival on Sept. 24 in San Francisco

Google has announced that in September the company will hold its first Google Play Indie Games Festival in San Francisco. The event is aimed at showcasing recent and upcoming releases of top indie games in front of consumers and industry influencers and give them the chance to try them out. This will allow the indie developers an opportunity to expand their networks, gain real-time feedback and improve discoverability in Google Play for their app.

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Indie card game Boss Monster stomps its way to Android

Brotherwise Games and Plain Concepts have partnered to take Boss Monster off your table and into your Android device.

Boss Monster, a game in which you become a boss, build dungeons, and destroy heroes, is now available to download in Google Play. The creators of Boss Monster, Brotherwise Games, has partnered with video game developer, Plain Concepts, to convert the tabletop card game into a playable video game. Virtual playing cards are used to give an  [Read More…]

DEALS & STEALS: Get 10 great indie games for $25 and help Doctors Without Borders

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Humble Bundle usually allows you to set your own price when purchasing games, this bundle is a bit different though. The price is set at $ 25 and for that price you get 10 really great indie games (worth over $ 90 separately) and help Doctors Without Borders charity at the same times:

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