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High-end Android-based media player funded on Indiegogo

Back when I first got into the world of Android, I still carried my iPod because it was nice to be able to have a dedicated device for that; especially if you’re listening to music all day and don’t want to burn down your phone battery. There are plenty of other reasons that the MP3 player is still alive and well in stores and as Fortune correctly points out: it’s for the kids. There are plenty of tiny people out  [Read More…]

YotaPhone 2 won’t actually make it to the US, despite successful Indiegogo campaign

The YotaPhone 2 won’t be making its way to the US, even after the company successfully funded the mission on Indiegogo. In an update sent to backers, Yota Devices has revealed that the logistics of getting the phones in the hands of the US backers would take far too long.

Saygus pushes back V2 launch, opens Indiegogo campaign to fund fresh start with new features

Saygus has pushed back the launch of its new V2 smartphone citing manufacturing issues, and wants your help funding the project this time around.

Though we’ve held the phone in our hands and the V2 actually went up for pre-orders at one time, Saygus says that manufacturing problems are going to push back the launch of its dual-SD card behemoth. In a press release today, Saygus explained that the phone is expected to ship now in  [Read More…]

Saygus V2 approaching vaporware, delayed to the Fall and begins suspicious Indiegogo campaign

Rewinding back to CES at the beginning of the year, all of us were thrown-back by a super phone almost too good to be true, the Saygus V2, from a company no one heard of.  Unfortunately, it is appearing as if the V2 is in fact, too good to be true.

After encountering a few setbacks throughout the year, with no release date as of yet, it seems that Saygus is reaching desperate measures with the start of an Indiegogo campaign for its seemingly ill-fated V2.  For  [Read More…]

YotaPhone 2 now on sale in the US, via Indiegogo, with special prices for early birds

You can now buy the dual-screen YotaPhone 2 smartphone in the US, thanks to the Indiegogo website.

As promised a few days ago, Yota Devices has started selling the dual-screen YotaPhone 2 in the US, via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. The first 100 people who buy the phone can get it for just $ 500.

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Neptune Suite hits Indiegogo, wants to turn your wrist into an information hub

In many cases the devices that we put on our wrists are simply add-ons to the main device we carry daily, our phone. Neptune wants to change the way we think of this with their latest Indiegogo campaign for the Neptune Suite.

What Neptune has done different here is make the wearable the hub where all the information originates by putting the cellular radio inside. Under the hood of the band you will find a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi,  [Read More…]

YotaPhone 2 Indiegogo campaign confirmed for April with special bundles for early birds

Yota today announced that beginning in April, the YotaPhone 2 will be available to consumers in the US through Indiegogo. The company is to also offer early bird pricing and bundle options for a limited time only.

Indiegogo app for Android now ready for crowdfunders

Indiegogo has released an official app for Android, allowing users to peruse the latest crowdfunding projects available. Whether you want to pitch in for a promising new connected home accessory, a new documentary, or any other kind of creative enterprise, you’ll be able to from here. Recommendations are personalized to your account based on previously backed ventures and what you’ve been following lately.

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Com 1 Indiegogo campaign pulled after rights complaint from Google

Com, the company behind the Com 1 Indiegogo campaign for a new Android Wear device, says that their campaign has been pulled following a rights infringment complaint by Google. The complaint letter says that the Com 1 campaign used Google’s intellectual property in their campaign without authorization.

Com1 takes to Indiegogo crowdfunding to launch metal-clad Android Wear smartwatch

Com1 is looking to launch its new square-faced, metal-clad Android Wear watch, and the company is looking towards consumers to help fund the project. Launching on Indiegogo, pricing right now starts at $ 125 and goes up to $ 170 depending on if you want an aluminum or stainless steel housing as well as watch strap configurations.

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