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This AmazonBasics 50-mile indoor HDTV antenna is only $21

Stop paying so much for TV.

This AmazonBasics 50-mile indoor HDTV antenna is down to $ 21.39, its lowest price ever. it regularly sells for $ 28 and has only dropped from that price once before, but even that previous drop didn’t go as low as this one.

The 50-mile range is helpful particularly for people who don’t live in urban centers. You want to make sure your antenna can reach the signals coming from the nearest  [Read More…]

Google Assistant is now built into the Nest Cam IQ indoor camera

Nest Aware is also getting a new $ 5/month plan.

The Nest Cam IQ is one of the best indoor security cameras money can buy, and thanks to the company’s recent merging with Google’s hardware team, is getting even smarter.

A new software update is on its way to the indoor Nest Cam IQ, and it adds Google Assistant to the gadget. Just like the Google Home, this means you can now use voice commands to ask  [Read More…]

The Nest Cam indoor security camera works great with smart homes and is down to $144

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, and this deal on the Nest Cam is a doozy!

Get this Nest Cam indoor security camera for just $ 144 at Lowe’s with the ridiculous coupon code 470000000074228. Lowe’s has discounted the Nest Cam down to $ 169 this week, which puts it just a little higher than other retailers like Amazon. The coupon code drops it down to its lowest price anywhere since last year’s Black Friday sales. Be sure  [Read More…]

Google’s Tango Visual Positioning Service is like an indoor GPS

Google’s Daydream VR platform got a lot of love on the Google I/O stage, but the company has some intriguing plans for augmented reality (AR) as well. That includes what Google is calling its Tango Visual Positioning Service (VPS), a sort of AR GPS for the indoors.

As Google VP of Virtual Reality Clay Bavor noted on stage, AR is most useful when tightly coupled with the real world, which is exactly what Tango VPS does. Working with  [Read More…]

How to use indoor maps in Google Maps

Easily navigate malls and department stores with indoor maps.

One of the more useful additions to Google Maps is the ability to navigate within malls, museums, libraries, or sports venues. The feature is accessible in 25 countries, and Google maintains a list of prominent locations for which indoor navigation is available.

If you’re looking to find the shortest route to a particular store within a mall or navigating a gargantuan museum and are in need of a  [Read More…]

Netatmo releases the Smart Indoor Climate Monitor just in time for flu season

There are smart devices that monitor your security, temperature, and pets, but there is nothing that actually monitors the health of your indoor environment, until now. Netatmo, a maker of smart connected home products just announced the new Healthy Home Coach that monitors indoor climate and air quality conditions with suggestions to create a healthier environment. “We spend

Indoor GPS: Coming to a phone near you

Google Maps is arguably the most widely used mapping service in the world. The only area where it falls short? Navigating your way indoors. That might change with Project Tango.

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Hands-on with Canary, an all-in-one indoor security system

Cameras aren’t so much getting smarter as they are getting easier to use and nicer to look at.

There’s a lot of connected cameras out there, for users who want to keep an eye on their home or office from their phone. The key to a lot of these experiences is a quick and painless setup with a convenient app that will keep an eye on things for you. A quick notification lets you know when  [Read More…]

A cord-cutter’s quick guide to purchasing an indoor HDTV over-the- air antenna [Guest Post]

FlatWave in Living Room (1)

If you’re reading this article it may be because you’ve already taken the plunge and cut the cable TV cord. Or you may be on the fence, trying to build up the courage to sever ties with a cable or satellite subscription that has set you back almost $ 90 each month for years. This is a big decision, and it’s  [Read More…]

Google takes indoor maps to India for the first time

75 locations at first with more to follow

A quick heads up to our friends in India that Google has flipped the switch on indoor mapping there. The feature that we’ve had in the U.S. and Europe for a while now helps you navigate such buildings as shopping malls, museums and airports. The maps are viewable on the desktop, in the Android app or even in the iOS Google Maps app if you’re  [Read More…]