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Awair Glow air quality monitor review: Wonderfully informative if not a bit worrisome

Are you curious about the air quality in your home? The Google Home- and Alexa-compatible Awair Glow can help you breathe easy.

I’m an allergy sufferer. I’m allergic to dust, pollen, mould, trees, grasses, an assortment of barnyard animals, cats, dogs, smoke, and more. And like an idiot, I have both a cat and a dog in a rather small home that’s over 65 years old.

I’ve long wondered about the air quality in this house: we  [Read More…]

Google is tweaking ongoing casting notifications to be more informative

You’ll still see it in your notification shade, but now it tells you if someone’s casting content.

Google’s wireless, in-network casting abilities are one of the better parts of subscribing to the Android ecosystem, which is why the company’s continually tweaking it to work better. Android Police reports that there are some minor changes rolling out that will hopefully make it easier for multi-device households to use casting.

At present, if you’re streaming something, say, from your Google Home  [Read More…]