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Seven self-help and motivation apps to channel your inner peace

Trying to improve yourself and stay motivated? Maybe these self-help apps for your Android smartphone or tablet could help you with the process. We’ve selected seven titles to put you on the right path.

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Tap into your inner developer with the Ultimate Android N bundle (Deal of the Day)

As Android approaches its 10th anniversary this year, there’s no sign that the platform is slowing. In fact, given that it’s spreading deeper into wearables and connected devices, things look rosy for Google’s beloved OS. In that time, we’ve found that many have gone from being casual gamers or users to push things to new […]

Channel your inner rock star with this $10 Bluetooth shower speaker (Deal of the Day)

One thing we all do every day is take a shower or bath. Well, you should be taking one a day, you stinky thing. And, if you’re like us, at some point, you find yourself having a good day and invariably break out into tune. You sing in the shower, admit it. Our Deal of […]

How Android theming helped me find my inner artist

I’m all about expressing myself.

I’m the girl with the Disney shirt on every day, with a beautiful case for my phone, my headphones on top of my jeep cap, and a song in my heart, if not on my lips. I spent some of my schooling years hiding who I am as a means to escape bullying, and I’m done with that. I’m done with hiding. I believe in being who I am and I believe  [Read More…]

XNSPY – Unleash your inner 007

There are many reasons for using a monitoring app – from personal security to concerned parents who wish to watch-over and protect their children to smart businesses who wish to

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Bring out your inner hero this Wallpaper Wednesday

Don’t let your home screen fall into a rut — switch out your wallpaper!

You don’t have to pull out a complex new theme like Deadpool to bring a breath of fresh air to your home screen. A new wallpaper can do wonders, just ask your iPhone-carrying friends. Launchers like Action Launcher can re-theme your entire launcher around a good wallpaper. In our effort to help brighten your device — and maybe your day — we’re  [Read More…]

20 HD Star Wars wallpapers to channel your inner fanboy (or fangirl)

Last week, the most anticipated movie of 2015 hit the big screen; Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film is shattering movie records left and right and still hasn’t even been shown to the entire world yet. In celebration of the beginning of the new trilogy, we are here with some awesome Star Wars wallpapers for your devices.

This time, we are looking at wallpapers from a different view point. Instead of the normal Star Wars wallpapers that can be  [Read More…]

[Deal] Channel your inner sports nut with this PlayStation 4 giveaway

Now that all of the hubbub surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is starting to slow down, we’ve got a deal for you that requires no money. That’s right, after this past weekend we are sure that a lot of you have spent loads of money on gifts for others, and are in need of a bit of reprieve.

We’ve been hinting at a giveaway, if you didn’t catch the drift, and it’s a pretty awesome one at that.  [Read More…]

[Deal] Channel the inner ‘tinkerer’ with the Complete Arudino Starter Kit for only $76

Are you a builder? Maybe builder is a bit of an overstatement but if you like to tinker around and dream of owning a workshop where you can lose track of the hours while you piece together some new pet project then you are certainly not alone. Many of us have fond memories of building things with Legos, K’nex, Erector sets or even putting together models. Why should the fun end just because we’ve grown up? If you have a  [Read More…]

(Deal) Channel your inner hacker with this bundle for FREE

There are a lot of deals post featured when it comes to learning how to code or develop. Much of that is due to the boom in the industry with startups popping up everywhere, so a lot of people want to get a piece of the ever-growing pie.

Today’s deal is no different, other than the fact that it’s geared toward starting from the ground up, for multiple mobile platforms. Today’s deal from AndroidGuys is the Free: Android Mobile Hacker  [Read More…]