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Nine innovative indie games for when you want to try something different

Bored of playing standard games? Indie developers have your back. Check this list of innovative indie games that stand out through stunning graphics or gameplay.

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BLUBOO introduces new, innovative selfie solution with the BLUBOO S2 (Promoted)

Since its unveiling a last week, the BLUBOO S2 has been making some waves with its innovative – and perhaps gimmicky – flip-up camera sensor. Up until now, it’s been mostly rumor and concept; and indeed, the design has changed significantly since August, where we spied a very different look, one without the flip-up camera […]

Lenovo announces a cheaper version of its innovative Yoga Book

Lenovo has announced a cheaper version of its innovative, mostly excellent Yoga Book, the aptly-named Yoga A12.

Aimed at emerging markets and people not looking for the power and extra expense of the Yoga Book itself, the Yoga A12 pares back the power — it has an Intel Atom x5 chip, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage by default — to go along with the 12.2-inch HD screen, though it’s unclear whether it’s 720p or 1080p (I’d venture  [Read More…]

Innovative phone maker Nextbit acquired by Razer

Nextbit is joining Razer. One of the coolest phones of the last few years has been the Robin from Nextbit. The angular device was based around the idea that we could leverage the massive amount of storage available in the cloud to offload some of the burden on our physical on our devices. The phone

Lenovo preparing a ‘more innovative’ Motorola smartphone for a July launch

Lenovo is preparing to launch its next major smartphone later this year in the U.S. In fact, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang stated the phone, from its Motorola division, will be out sometime in July.

Yang revealed the news as part of a chat with The Wall Street Journal, but didn’t offer much in the way of details:

Mr. Yang said he intends to leverage Lenovo’s Motorola brand to penetrate the smartphone market in the U.S.  [Read More…]

Oppo to unveil innovative power solution and smartphone camera tech at MWC

Oppo will take to this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) to unveil what the company claims to be a ground-breaking power solution, as well as new smartphone camera innovation. The popular smartphone company shipped 50 million units in 2015 and will certainly be looking to utilize said events to further develop the Oppo brand to penetrate its targeted markets.

The new smartphone camera innovation fits comfortably in Oppo plans to focus on photography for 2016.  [Read More…]

Where are the innovative phones?


s a technology lover, I spend quite a bit of time reading about, learning about, and looking at technology, especially phones. I even look back at phones that existed far before today’s versions, and if you look back, you have to wonder where the magic has gone.

We are halfway through 2015 and have seen dozens of new phone announced, but for some reason, we are not impressed. Browsing the comments of tech websites, I see people posting  [Read More…]

The Innovative QuickLock: Tech and Smartphone enabled padlock

You know the old saying: adapt or get left behind. It seems like just about everything in my household is evolving into a smart device. My TV, scale, alarm clock, thermostat — heck, I give it a couple of years before my toaster is connected to WiFi. If we’re leveraging the power of technology to better the devices and products in our daily lives, why wouldn’t that also apply to our security measures? Are you still carrying around tons of  [Read More…]

Rocket Launcher – An innovative launcher with a simple minimalistic interface [App Review]

I went from Touchwiz to LauncherPro to Go Launcher EX, and I am pretty set in my ways. Rocket Launcher, however, gives users a completely different experience. Instead of homescreens, docks, icons, and widgets, Rocket Launcher is one screen with web-like options for convenience. Minimalism at its finest.

From the clock and date circle in the middle of the screen, Rocket Launcher branches into  [Read More…]