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Inline installation of Chrome extensions coming to an end

Extensions will soon require a visit to the actual Chrome Web Store listing to start the install process so that users know what they will be getting.

There are a lot of great extensions for the Chrome browser. They run on Chrome for the desktop or your Chromebook and can do anything from check for the best price at Amazon to keeping you safe from bad ads. Almost everyone has an extension or two that they wouldn’t  [Read More…]

Google Search to sidestep app installation for in-app results

Google never ceases to amaze in coming up with neat ways to retrieve information that you care about. Today, Google shared something cool in-work that will expand the reach of Google Search on your mobile device.

There is often valuable information buried within apps that many users miss out on because they don’t know about that app or have installed. Google partially addressed this in the past, by indexing the content of apps so that the web search could provide similar pertinent information. However, if a  [Read More…]

Team TouchDroid disbands; posts installation tutorial for developers

HP Touchpad Android

If you haven’t been following the team TouchDroid saga lately, here’s the “too long; didn’t read” version. Some code used in a recent demo video or two wasn’t properly credited (to CyanogenMod). On purpose. Names were exchanged. Accounts were banned. Feelings were hurt. The team has called it quits. Tragic, we know. But that doesn’t mean the task of porting Android to the HP TouchPad is dead. It is  [Read More…]