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Google ‘app bundles’ help blur the lines between installed and instant apps

Soon it won’t be at all apparent whether an app is truly ‘installed’ or not.

Google’s developer-focused “Playtime” event series kicked off today, and with it comes a whole bunch of changes for developers publishing apps in the Play Store. The biggest push Google’s focusing on is changing the years-old paradigm of installing big (and increasingly so) apps on your phone in a one-size-fits-all manner.

The changes emanate from a new publishing format called an “Android App  [Read More…]

You can make Duo calls to Android phones that don’t have the app installed

This might be the most important Duo update ever.

If you want to make video calls on an Android device, Google Duo is easily your best bet. Google’s added a lot of new features and improvements since its release in 2016, but like any other communications app, it’s faced the same issue of forcing you to encourage your friends and family members to actually download it so you can talk to them.

The folks at Android Police  [Read More…]

How to make a backup of any app installed on your phone

Finding old versions of apps can be tough, but backing them up yourself isn’t!

While most of the time we’re all looking for the best ways to back up the data from our apps and games, it can be pretty handy to back up the app itself, too.

Unless an app is pulled for security reasons, when you download an app from Google Play you’ll always be able to download the latest version from the store. It  [Read More…]

Nougat is now installed on 7.1% of active Android devices

Nougat picks up momentum in April’s platform numbers.

Availability of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 in global markets coupled with the rollout of the Nougat update to older devices has contributed to the largest monthly gain for Android 7.0. Google’s April distribution numbers show that Nougat is now installed on 7.1% of all Android devices, an increase of 2.2% from a month prior.

Specifically, Android 7.0 is now installed on 6.6% of devices — up  [Read More…]

What you need to know about DT Ignite, the hidden bloatware your carrier may have installed

What the heck is going on with this app called DT Ignite?

Right about now, half of us are ready to jump to the comments and start hollerin’ about DT Ignite, while the other half is scratching their heads wondering what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about a piece of carrier bloatware named DT Ignite. It’s an application written by Digital Turbine (thus the DT part) that’s used to pre-load other applications onto your phone. Some folks are having  [Read More…]

Google checks more than 6 billion installed apps, scans 400 million devices daily

Google is continuing to take Android security very seriously, and that shows in the Android Security 2015 Annual Report. Last year, Google announced a reduction of Potentially Harmful Apps (PHA) by nearly half and has kept that momentum up this year. The company now scans around 400 million devices and 6 billion installed apps each day, a huge jump from where it was in 2014.

Some of the other key takeaways from the report include:

We  [Read More…]

Lollipop is now installed on 21 percent of active Android devices

Google has once again released an update on the distribution numbers for each version of Android, with Lollipop making a jump of nearly 3 percent. The new numbers show that Lollipop is installed on 21 percent of active Android devices, making the jump from 18.1 percent last month. KitKat took a small dive, back down to 39.2 percent like it was back in June, and Jelly Bean is down to 31.8 percent from 33.6 in August.

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Weekly poll results: Who installed the Android M preview?

The results of last week’s poll are in, and the results will shock … nobody.

We recently asked everyone if they installed the Android M developer preview. No matter that this is an early build meant for developers to test their stuff, because plenty of people (like you, and you, and me!) will never let a chance to run bleeding-edge beta software that might very well be broken go uninstalled when we have that chance. We  [Read More…]

Lollipop is now installed on over 10 percent of active Android devices

Google has just released its June 2015 report on Android platform versions, showing that Lollipop has jumped over the 10 percent milestone.

Google’s monthly report on how many active Android devices are running on each version of the software, has been released for June 2015, and it shows shows that Lollipop has exceeded the 10 percent park, with 5.0 and 5.1 combining for an 11.4 percent share.

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The 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the first car to offer Android Auto installed

You can now buy a 2015 Hyundai Sonata with Navigation with Android Auto installed inside, with more car models from the company slated to get Google’s car technology soon.

If you are looking to buy a car from Hyundai, you might be able to get one with Google’s Android Auto technology already installed. Hyundai announced today that it is the first car company to offer that option inside its vehicles, beginning with the 2015 Sonata with  [Read More…]