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Google Play had 145% more app installs than Apple App Store in Q4 2017

More than 19 billion new apps were installed from Google Play in Q4 2017.

Apps are an essential component of any smartphone, and while this is an area that iOS was previously king of, that’s definitely no longer the case. The Google Play Store has grown and matured a lot over the past couple years, and Q4 of 2017 was its best quarter yet.

According to App Annie, the Play Store saw 19 billion new app downloads  [Read More…]

All Pixel system apps on Play Store now show ’1-5′ installs

When official sales numbers are unavailable, people have been judging some device’s sales using the Play Store install count on some system apps. It’s an easy, though likely not very accurate, way to judge how many devices have been sold since those apps often auto update for most people.


Google seems to be unhappy with this method of judging sales, so it has changed the install count on all Pixel device system apps  [Read More…]

The last year saw more than 82 billion Google Play app installs

Google Play sees a huge uptick in app installs in 2016.

At I/O 2017, Google’s VP of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke, revealed that over 82 billion apps have been installed from Google Play last year, a noticeable uptick from the 65 billion in 2015. Android itself now powers over 2 billion active devices, and is the largest operating system in the world.

Burke also shared details on Android wear, stating that 24 manufacturers have committed  [Read More…]

Lineage OS surpasses 1 million active installs, with OnePlus One leading the charge

From the ashes of CyanogenMod, Lineage OS continues to grow.

Late last year the world officially said goodbye to CyanogenMod when its parent company, Cyanogen Inc., shut down operations. But in its wake came Lineage OS, a rebranding of the same core OS carried on by the CM community.

Despite the setback, the movement appears to be back on track. Just under 3 months later, there have been over 1 million active downloads across all the different  [Read More…]

After Galaxy Note7 debacle, Samsung installs new quality control team

The Galaxy Note7 disaster cost Samsung a whopping $ 6.13 billion, so the Korean tech giant needs to make absolutely sure the same scenario won’t happen again. Now a new report coming out of the The Investor reveals that Samsung has launched a new team dedicated to product quality control. President and former production chief at […]

App installs from search results aren’t ‘bypassing’ Google Play, but you might miss some details

Much hay is being made about Google testing out app installations direction from search results. All it’s doing, however, is speeding up the process.

Mobile apps are funny things. We’re quick to install them. And quick to blame them should something go wrong. Stolen data. Unclear permissions. Too much data being collected. Apps being hijacked by nefarious actors, repackaged and distributed through alternative means. It’s very much still the Wild West out there.

But Google over  [Read More…]

Emirates installs Qi wireless charging trays in its Dubai lounges

Emirates Airlines announced that it has starting rolling out QI wireless charging trays in its First Class and Business Class lounges. The initial rollout will see 30 wireless charging trays installed in the airline’s lounges in Dubai.

Lollipop closes in on 10 percent of active Android installs, KitKat and Jelly Bean each fall under 40 percent

Google has just released its May report on Android platform versions, showing growth in Lollipop.

The monthly report, which shows how many active Android devices are running on each version of the software, shows that Lollipop has grown significantly to 9.7 percent of installs, up from 5.4 percent last month. KitKat dropped subtly to 39.8 percent from 41.4 percent, while Jelly Bean moved to 39.2 percent from 40.7.

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Google cut Android malware installs by nearly half in 2014

Despite the constant concerns, Google shows just how safe — and safer — Android is in the Android Security State of the Union 2014.

The Android Security State of the Union for 2014 provides an in-depth look into the security of the Android platform, analyzing billions of data points that are gathered daily to take a deeper look at what is really happening behind the scenes. Google takes security very seriously, and they know that they  [Read More…]

Ask AC: How many installs does an app really have?

As Gmail passes 1 billion downloads, we take a look at what that actually means

Gmail has surpassed 1 billion downloads on Google Play, and Vincenzo on Twitter asks a fair question: Does that count app updates?

That’s an easy answer, actually, but we’ll go one further and explain exactly what you’re looking at when you see an app’s download numbers in the Google Play listing. There are downloads, and then there are downloads.  [Read More…]