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Android Instant Apps are now open to all developers

After a year of testing, Android Instant Apps are now available for all developers.

Google unveiled Instant Apps at last year’s I/O, offering developers a way to build a lightweight version of their app that customers can use directly from search results. The idea is to offer a native app experience even when that particular app isn’t installed on your phone. Google trialled the service with select developers earlier this year, and is now making Instant Apps available for  [Read More…]

Instant games now available on Facebook Messenger

Facebook have announced Messenger games are coming to all of its app’s users. The popular messenger app has a monthly user count of around 1.2 billion people and up until now, games have been only single player, causing Facebook to rely on challenges to engage your Facebook “friends”, but now, two people can play games together! […]

Google’s Instant Apps rolling out to some and Wish is first out of the gate

Are we ready for apps that install from a search result? We need to be because they’re here.

Some folks are starting to see Google’s Instant Apps feature roll out to their phones and it seems like Wish is the first company to use them.

Back at Google I/O 2017 Google told us about Instant Apps. The idea is that you would find an app in your Google search results and be able to tap a button  [Read More…]

Instant Tethering now available for Pixel and (some) Nexus owners

Tethering – in case you aren’t familiar with the term – means being able to use your Android phone like a wireless models, usually for another Wi-Fi only device like a tablet. This gives you internet access on the go, regardless of your location. However, you’ll usually have to go through a few steps to […]

Google Instant Apps are one step closer to becoming available

You might remember that one of the most intriguing novelties announced by Google at its I/O event last year was Instant Apps. If you don’t, let us refresh your memory by explaining that Instant Apps act as a sort of bridge between web apps and native Android apps allowing users to utilize only specific parts

Android Instant Apps seeing limited launch today, will open up further over time

You’ll soon be able to run parts of apps without installing anything.

After learning about Google’s new “Android Instant Apps” initiative back at Google I/O 2016, they are finally ready for live trials in the real world. Google has worked with Android developers at BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki to make the first Android Instant apps.

When an app is designed to be an Android Instant App, it lets users download and run specific parts of it  [Read More…]

Facebook folds more than a dozen ‘Instant Games’ into Messenger

As if it weren’t already hard enough to step away from Facebook Messenger, the service gets even more compelling. Today sees Facebook bringing some 14 “Instant Games” to the platform. Available for Android and iOS phones, the new feature let users play games against friends and family members. What sort of games, you ask? How

Instant: A must-have app for people who live for life logging (review)

As smartphones become smarter, they are able to track more and more of our day. While some of us might start breaking out the tinfoil hats, worried about Big Brother tracking our every move, others are embracing all of the life logging that our pocket partners can offer. In comes Emberify’s Instant, a life log app with

Become and instant Rock Star with the Bluetooth AirJamz pick

There are hundreds if not thousands of wireless devices, but few offer pure entertainment for those who love music beyond speakers and headphones. Zivix, the creator of the ultra-smart smart jamstik+ guitar recently announced its AirJamz Bluetooth air pick is now compatible with Android devices through the AirJamz Music app at the Google Play Store.

Facebook’s Instant Articles are coming to Messenger

Checking out articles your friends share through Facebook Messenger is about to become much faster. Facebook has announced today that it is bringing its Instant Articles to Facebook Messenger, meaning links from participating publishers should open much faster going forward.

From Facebook:

When you tap on an Instant Article link in Facebook, it loads up to ten times faster than a standard mobile web article, so it was important to make sure everyone on  [Read More…]