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Amazon Prime Instant Video is now available on all Android tablets

Amazon today announced that all Android tablet owners will be able to stream the catalogue of films and media from the service via the Prime Instant Video app.

Instant: Track your smartphone habits

From the talented folks at Emberify, Instant is an app that tracks your smartphone usage to help the user become more aware of their habits and promote a more balanced lifestyle. Similar to fitness trackers, Instant tracks phone habits to make users more aware of their smartphone usage.

We can all admit that smartphones are an amazing piece of technology, and have also become an important and centralized part of our lives. Instant wants the user to become  [Read More…]

Instant for Android shows just how addicted you are to your smartphone

Instant for Android is an all-in-one tracking app that monitors your daily device usage, as well as fitness data and device unlock count. Want to know how many minutes you’ve spent on Facebook? Instant’s app usage tab gives you an overview of time spent on each app.

Using Smart Lock on Lollipop? Use this trick to manually lock in an instant

Using Smart Lock on Android 5.0 is a great way to balance security and convenience, using a trusted location, Bluetooth device or NFC tag to bypass lock screen security without entering a PIN or lock pattern. However it’s possible you might not want your phone completely unlocked all the time, which is why there’s a simple way to manually lock your device — requiring your PIN, pattern or password to unlock — with just a button  [Read More…]

Google turbocharges Translate, instant translation of voice and text now possible

As revealed earlier this week, Google has updated its Translate app with real-time text and speech translation, made possible by Word Lens integration and improvements to the translation engine.

Amazon’s new Google Play app released without Appstore or Instant Video

Amazon has quietly hidden a Google Play Store app they had released in September which included integration with Instant Video and their own Appstore. In turn they have released another app dedicated exclusively to shopping for physical goods. A change in Google’s Developer Distribution Agreement is what has caused the shuffle, according to a statement from Amazon. You can still find the old Amazon app through a direct link, but it won’t turn up on searches.  [Read More…]

Redbox Instant video streaming service to shut down after October 7

Redbox Instant, the video streaming service that launched as a joint venture of DVD kiosk company Redbox and Verizon, will abruptly shut down its service at the end of the day of October 7, in a rather quick end for a service that was meant to challenge rivals like Netflix.

My KODAK Moments brings instant gratification to photo printing with in-store kiosk integration

In the world of Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, the My KODAK Moments app lets users share their memories the old fashioned way: through prints. With the My KODAK Moments app, users can order photos and photo gifts and have those items shipped or even pick up their photos on the same day in a store.

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Amazon update brings Prime Instant Video streaming

Amazon‘s app received an update today, bringing Prime Instant Video streaming to Android devices. To enable streaming, you have to download the Prime Instant Video player, which is available exclusively in Amazon’s appstore.

Instant for Android Wear: Instagram lovers rejoice! You can now browse through your feed without getting out your phone [‘Watch’ This App]

If you like so many of us are an Instagram addict and lament the fact that there’s no good Instagram app for smartwatches, then get excited because Instant for Android Wear has come to the rescue. Gone are the days of having to pull out our phones whenever we want to scroll endlessly through our… Read more »

The post Instant for Android Wear: Instagram lovers rejoice! You can now browse through your feed without getting out  [Read More…]