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Google OnHub gets a home automation boost with IFTTT integration

If you own one of Google’s OnHub routers, you’ll now be able to leverage If This, Then That (IFTTT) to program some cool automated tasks. After updating to the latest firmware, you’ll be able to take advantage of IFTTT’s recipes to craft all manner of automated tasks that are triggered by devices connecting to or disconnecting from the OnHub router.

Options for recipes are only really limited to your imagination, but you’ll be able to trigger interactions with a  [Read More…]

Adobe Acrobat Reader gets Dropbox integration for easier access to your PDFs

Adobe and Dropbox are making it easier for users on the go to access and work on PDF files store in the cloud with tighter integration between Acrobat Reader and Dropbox on Android. Users can now access their PDF files stored in Dropbox from within the Acrobat Reader app once updated to the latest versions of each.

To get started, you can add your Dropbox account to the Acrobat Reader app, which will then give you access  [Read More…]

Rachio’s second-generation smart sprinkler controller arrives with smaller footprint, Amazon Echo integration

Rachio, a company that makes a smart sprinkler controller, has announced its second-generation model. The new version is smaller and is supposed to be easier to install (not that the first one was that tough), and offers integration with the Alexa assistant on the Amazon Echo, which lets you control the Rachio with only your voice. (The first-gen Rachio also gets to enjoy this, too.) You can, of course, also control the system from your smartphone using  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo gets friendly with local businesses thanks to Yelp integration

The Amazon Echo continues to add to its capabilities, and it can now tell you where to find exactly what you’re looking for. Now featuring integration with Yelp, Echo can give you the name of the top-rated local pharmacy, or the hours of the closest pizza shop.

Get this Bluetooth adapter with Google Now integration

A few months ago I had the opportunity to review a Bluetooth car adapter and I left the review thinking that it was the best thing since sliced cheese. Mostly in part, because my 2011 Honda Odyssey did not come with Bluetooth from the factory. The iClever Himbox Bluetooth adapter has given me a new frame of reference and has made me reconsider my initial rating.

iClever Himbox Bluetooth adapter overview

The iClever Himbox  [Read More…]

The Calendar Arc Watch Faces brings style and calendar integration to Android Wear

When it comes to Watch Faces for Android Wear there are plenty of options to choose from. What can be difficult is finding the right balance when it comes to giving you the information you want at a glance, and having a easy to read simplistic design. The Calendar Arc Watch Face is designed to quickly help you answer whether you’ve got something going on later today, thanks to a slick and simple UI.

The Calendar Arc  [Read More…]

Google Fit Integration, and why you want it

A central point for your fitness data has arrived.

Fitness apps have been around for years, showing us how to workout more efficiently and helping us to track everything from steps to calories burned. Google wants in on the action, to show us what fitness data should do. Google Fit is the solutions the company have some up with so far, designed mostly to be a central hub for all sorts of health-related data points. We’ve  [Read More…]

Have Amazon Echo read you a bedtime story with new Audible integration

The Amazon Echo can now read you a bedtime story with added Audible integration.

Amazon seems to be on fire lately with adding new features to its Echo speaker and quasi-assistant. The latest feature to be added to the roster is integration with Audible.

Ford CTO details plans for close integration between Android Auto and SYNC

In an interview today, Ford CTO Raj Nair gave us a peek at how the company plans to integrate Android Auto into its upcoming cars.

Speaking with Re/Code, Nair emphasized that Ford is approaching Android Auto integration in a way that gives consumers choice, looking for ways to make its own SYNC infotainment system work closely with third-party offerings.

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