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Qualcomm announces new Vision Intelligence Platform for IoT applications

The QCS605 and QCS603 are powered by AI and machine learning.

If you’re rocking a modern Android phone, chances are it’s powered by a Qualcomm processor. Qualcomm’s become most well-known for its mobile processors that are found in millions of gadgets, and now the company’s further expanding into the Internet of Things (IoT) world with its new Vision Intelligence Platform.

At the heart of the Vision Intelligence Platform are Qualcomm’s QCS605 and QCS603 chipsets, and they both  [Read More…]

Heads of U.S. intelligence agencies tell Americans not to buy Huawei phones

The Mate 10 Pro is launching in the U.S. this week.

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing earlier this week, the heads of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and others proffered a narrative that’s been permeating throughout U.S. government agencies since 2012: Huawei (and to a lesser extent ZTE) are bad actors that can’t be trusted to operate independently in the United States.

According to the head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, “We’re deeply concerned about the risks  [Read More…]

These Orig3n DNA test kits on sale can tell how your genes effect behavior, intelligence, and more

It’s in your blood.

Today’s Amazon Gold Box deal of the day features these Orig3n mini genetic DNA testing kits on sale. Each kit serves its own function, and apparently some genetic profiles are less expensive than others. For example, the Beauty test kit is down to $ 49.50 from a $ 99 street price. It can tell you how your genes might effect your complexion, hair health, and other things.

Each kit is essentially a cheek  [Read More…]

Meet Astro, an email client for Android with artificial intelligence baked in

If you’re into the idea of using Alexa and Slack to answer your email, you might be interested in this little app.

There aren’t too many hearty email clients in the Google Play Store, so we’re naturally curious when one comes out that’s not only a delight to use, but it’s got artificial intelligence baked in, too.

I’ve been using Astro: AI Meets Email for the past week and it’s truly a breath of fresh air compared  [Read More…]

Essential Home is set to take on Google Home and Amazon Echo with ambient intelligence

This space is getting a little more crowded.

Alongside its first phone, Essential is also unveiling the Essential Home — a clear direct competitor to the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo. Though it’s tough to get a sense of scale from a simple product page with a few images, the Essential Home looks relatively compact and sleek. Rounded and smooth, the top surface is cut at an angle and shows off a large circular display that you  [Read More…]

New Google Assistant SDK will bring intelligence to just about any hardware

Creating interesting hardware gets a lot easier when a complex voice interface is provided to you.

Google Assistant is making another expansion, but this time it’s important from a hardware developer perspective. Google has just announced a developer preview of the Google Assistant SDK, which will allow hardware developers to use the intelligence of the Assistant for their projects.

Google is clearly positioning this as more of an intelligent back-end to be used with a variety of  [Read More…]

Google partners with Movidius to put machine intelligence in your phone

Google has teamed up with Movidius, a company specializing in machine vision and deep learning technology, to bring more intelligence to mobile devices. With this partnership, the hope is that more aspects of machine intelligence will be able to run locally on a phone, rather than needing to rely on cloud processing.

As part of the roadmap, Movidius says that future devices should be able to understand both images and sound quickly, with most of the  [Read More…]

Evernote Context automatically adds augmented intelligence to your notes

Evernote is adding what it calls “augmented intelligence” to its Android app with a feature called Context. Available to Evernote premium subscribers, Context essentially adds relevant contextual information as you’re typing in your notes. These tidbits of information could be culled from existing notes that either were shared with you or were created in the past, along with external sources, like from The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and Pando Daily.

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