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Check out these intriguing 3D case designs for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Want to give your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ a makeover? Dutch accessory maker, Freshfiber just announced a new lineup of phone cases called Full Color Textural which makes use of high definition 3D color technology to create an intriguing aesthetic. The new Freshfiber cases take inspiration from the natural world with their high […]

iWear – an intriguing but unwieldy mobile theater headset (Review)

In theory, on paper, and even sometimes in practice, Vizux’s iWear Video Headphones are fantastic – a stereo headset that sports twin 720p displays, 3D and VR support, and a built-in battery? Sign me up. It sounds a little like a better version of Cardboard, right? It sounds like a headset you’d pack in your […]

Intriguing Accessories for your Nexus 5X (Vol. 2)

As I’ve been perusing Amazon for accessories for my own Nexus 6P, I’ve been seeing more and more gadgets pop up for the Nexus 5X, as well. A lot of what I’ve purchased for my own entertainment is also compatible with Google’s “other” phone, so I figured I’d put together a list of some of