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Review: The Moshi IonBank is a fashion forward battery bank

I don’t know about you, but my phone dying adds a great deal of stress to my life. I’ve gotten so used to having my phone around to do every little thing I need that suddenly being disconnected feels foreign. I use my phone for everything from turning on the lights, to changing the temperature […]

Moshi IonBank 5K with microUSB connector review

Whether it’s an evolution of smartphone use, the lack of battery life on the latest smartphones, or a combination of both, we need to charge our devices more than ever. The problem is we need an outlet nearby to juice up our device(s). That brings us to portable power banks, such as the one we have to review. Moshi was kind enough to send us an IonBank 5K with microUSB connector to review. So let’s take a look and see  [Read More…]