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This flagship showdown pits the Galaxy S10 against the iPhone 11

The launch of the S20 series pushed the prices of the S10 down into the budget flagship range, and here it still shines.

Old reliable Samsung Galaxy S10

$ 750 at Samsung

Pros Dazzling AMOLED display In-display sonic fingerprint sensor 3.5mm headphone jack Expandable storage Cons Even at a discount, it’s more expensive than the iPhone 11 Fingerprint sensor is finicky

The Galaxy S10 was one of our favorite phones of 2019, and it’s still  [Read More…]

Comparing the huge Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Whether you’re a fan of Android, iOS, or both, there’s plenty of merit to each platform’s flagship offerings. We’ve spent as much time with each as possible to give you our best recommendations.

Everything and the kitchen sink Galaxy S20 Ultra

$ 1,400 at Samsung

Pros 100x Space Zoom Massive 5000mAh battery 5G support Up to 16GB of RAM 120Hz refresh rate display Cons Extremely expensive base price

The Galaxy S20 Ultra has a completely  [Read More…]

Here’s how you can transfer your WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

Here’s how to make the switch.

WhatsApp is one of the more popular chat apps on the Play Store. This is largely in part due to cross-platform compatibility, but what are you supposed to do when switching from iPhone to Android? Despite Apple’s “walled-garden” practice for its apps and iCloud, there is a way for you to still transfer chats to your Android device.

How to export WhatsApp chats from iPhone How to import WhatsApp chats to  [Read More…]

Does the Pixel 4 shoot better photos than the iPhone 11?

Best answer: Yes. The Pixel 4’s main camera presents better results because the software does so much of the heavy lifting. With manual sliders for both exposure and shadows, users have more control over dynamic range, and Night Sight is elective, rather than a mode that kicks in on its own.

Stay cool and get close: Google Pixel 4 (From $ 630 at Amazon) The Pixel 4 gives good odds on getting a good photo

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The Feds can crack any iPhone but Androids still give them trouble

Nobody makes a tool to hack the phones nobody cares about.

What you need to know A government report details its capabilities in breaking phone encryption and acquiring data. All iOS devices are effectively crackable. Popular Android devices can be cracked but only select models.

While the FBI wages a court battle against phone manufacturers, our friends at Vice have found an interesting report from the Science and Technology branch of the Department of Homeland Security that  [Read More…]

Does my iPhone support PS4 Remote Play?

Best answer: As long as your iPhone has iOS 12.1 or later installed, it will support PS4 Remote Play. We recommend an iPhone 7 or newer.

Grab games to play on the go: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 at Amazon)

What is PS4 Remote Play?

PS4 Remote Play is an app that allows PlayStation users to stream their games to PC and select mobile devices. It is not a separate streaming service that you  [Read More…]

Google Maps on Android gets bulk delete, while iPhone Incognito catches up

You can now erase all the 2 AM White Castle trips and leave the rest intact.

What you need to know Google has improved privacy tools to handle Location History on Maps. Android users will get the ability to pick and choose locations to delete. iOS users now have the Incognito Mode already available on Android.

Google is respecting privacy a bit more with updates to Google Maps. Previously, users could delete all of their location history,  [Read More…]

5 areas where the iPhone 11 is better than Android flagships

The iPhone 11 has a lot to offer in areas where Android phones continue to struggle.

Aside from a cursory interest in the iOS ecosystem, I haven’t cared much for iPhones over the years. The last iPhone I used with any regularity was the iPhone 6 Plus, and even then, it ended up being a secondary phone. Since then, I’ve used over a hundred Android phones, from $ 100 budget models to the best that Samsung, Google,  [Read More…]

Google Pixel 4 review: From an iPhone user’s perspective

I’ve been using Google’s Pixel 4 phone for almost a month now. I mean, really using it. With my SIM card in it and everything. Taking photos. Making calls. Playing Pokemon Go. Yes, still.

This isn’t my first Google phone. I had the Nexus One, the Nexus 4, and the Pixels 1 and 2. I usually get the XL but since I’ve switched back to the smaller iPhone, I decided to go with the smaller Pixel as well.

Now,  [Read More…]

Yes, you can get Disney+ on your iPhone and iPad

Best Answer: Yes, you can access Disney+ on your iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS). Additionally, you can watch Disney+ on your Apple TV with tvOS, and use the iOS app to send Disney+ videos to your Apple TV. There is even the ability to download videos to your device.

It’s all about Disney: Disney+ (From $ 7/month at Disney+)

So I can use either my iPhone or iPad for Disney+?

That’s correct. Disney+ is available  [Read More…]