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iPod Touch 7 vs. a cheap Android phone: Which should you buy?

Find it challenging to keep up with all of the new technology out there? We don’t blame you. At AC, it’s our mission to play around with as much of it as we possibly can so we can then help you find and buy the gadgets that are right for you.

Our pick Nokia 4.2

$ 190 at Amazon

Pros Premium glass/metal construction Larger, sharper display Dual rear cameras NFC for Google Pay Clean software It’s  [Read More…]

Mighty: An iPod Shuffle for your Spotify playlists, just $79.99

You need Spotify, but you don’t need to bring your smartphone everywhere. It’s a fact of life. Mighty is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, supports wired and most Bluetooth headphones and speakers, has 1,000+ song storage, and is super durable and super clip-on.

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Mighty: An iPod Shuffle for your Spotify playlists, just $85.99 (Deal of the Day)

Are you a Spotify subscriber? If you’re a student, and aren’t signed up yet, you need to take advantage of the new $ 5 plan that includes Hulu, too. Assuming you are a Spotify listener, how do you go about taking your playlist with you? Phone, right? What if you could leave the phone home and […]

The LG V10 is the newer, better iPod

If you love music, you’ll love the LG V10.

When we talk about smartphones, we focus on things like processors and screens and RAM and software. That’s all fine and dandy, because those are important things to talk about when you’re looking for the best phone-slash-pocket-computer you can buy. We all want the best.

But I’m going to totally ignore all of that and tell you, right now, that the LG V10 is the audio player  [Read More…]

Father of the iPod now leading Google’s hardware initiatives

Tony Fadell, widely considered as the father of the iPod and creator of the Nest, is now joining Google’s leadership to head up the company’s consumer hardware business. It’s still unclear what that means for the future of Google’s hardware business as the company doesn’t produce that much in-house.

Samsung announces pricing and availability for Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Players in the US – iPod Touch killers?

samsung galaxy tab 8.9

We hear about new 10-inch tablets and Android smartphones every day, but Samsung has something different for us this time. Yesterday afternoon, Samsung officially announced the pricing and availability for three devices that we have been awaiting for some months now in the US. These are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0.

These are all solid  [Read More…]

Official Google+ App Now Works On iPads And iPod Touches

If the only thing stopping you from abandoning Facebook for Google+ is universal support, get downloading: a new version of the official Google+ iOS app is out, and now it supports the iPad and iPod Touch. Anyone noticed anything else different? Let us know in the comments.

Android Porting to iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4G, 3G / iPad 1, 2 Very Soon !

Great news, Android plateform on its way to land on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G. Look what we’ve found while perusing our Twitter timeline… This could means that we’ll see Android coming to the iPhone 4 and iPad (may be iPad 2 too) very soon as the hackers who ported Android on iPhone 3G / 2G has already made a great progress on porting Android to newer devices. First, cpich3g tweeted that they have very basic PMU on iPhone 4  [Read More…]