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The Galaxy S20 is expensive, but it isn’t overpriced

The Galaxy S20 is Samsung’s most expensive halo device yet — but you get a lot for that money, and there are still other great options.

Ever since Samsung announced its trio of Galaxy S20 phones, there’s been a lot of talk about these steep new four-figure price tags. It’s well-warranted; the baseline S20 runs $ 100 more than last year’s Galaxy S10 at launch, and that’s not even factoring in the cheaper and more compact S10e  [Read More…]

Report: Sony isn’t sure about the PS5’s price due to scarce parts

The PlayStation 5 is looking to be more expensive than the PlayStation 4.

What you need to know According to a new report, the PlayStation 5’s price could be in question due to difficult-to-obtain parts. The report also states that Sony wants to know the Xbox Series X price before committing to a price for the PlayStation 5. Right now, the PlayStation 5 allegedly costs around $ 450 to manufacture, though the retail price would be higher.  [Read More…]

It isn’t that hard to watch YouTube on an Echo Show

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite YouTube channel on your Echo Show device? Perhaps you want to have a music live stream playing in the background, or maybe you’re following the latest political drama on C-SPAN. You may have heard conflicting and confusing information on whether or not you could even get YouTube on an Echo Show device. While there’s no official way to do it, there’s an easy workaround.

Products used in this guide Solid  [Read More…]

Jon Favreau confirms that Baby Yoda isn’t Yoda

The Mandalorian takes place well after Yoda becomes one with The Force.

What you need to know Yoda is long gone at this point in the timeline of Star Wars, nixing any possibility that this could actually be Yoda. The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau won’t comment on speculation of Baby Yoda’s actual origins. Season 2 of The Mandalorian will reveal more, but that won’t be available until Fall 2020.

Curious minds have been wondering about the origins  [Read More…]

Valve says Half-Life: Alyx isn’t coming to PSVR yet

The next Half-Life game isn’t coming to PSVR…yet.

What you need to know Valve recently announced Half-Life: Alyx for PC VR. Many PlayStation VR owners have wondered if a port could be in the works. Valve has confirmed that a port is not happening at the moment but that it has “not ruled anything out.”

Since Valve officially revealed Half-Life: Alyx, many PlayStation VR owners have been wondering if a port of the game for Sony’s VR  [Read More…]

The best controller for Stadia isn’t the one sold by Google… for now

Best answer: Google Stadia gives players the freedom to play on a Pixel phone, through a Chrome browser on PC or Mac, or on any TV with a Chromecast Ultra. Currently, Google’s Stadia controller is your only option for playing Stadia games on your TV. For Stadia gaming on a Pixel or PC, you’re better off using an Xbox One controller or any Bluetooth controller you may already own and love.

A versatile controller: Xbox One controller  [Read More…]

Black Friday isn’t just for tech; here are some great non-tech deals!

Not everything we need is connected to our mobile devices. There are lots of other items we want and Black Friday is the time to get the best deals on those items. Pick up your holiday gifts now, or just snag a bargain on something you’ve had your eye on.

Top of the line KitchenAid KP26M1XDP Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer

Staff Favorite

This is an investment piece, and there is no better time to invest  [Read More…]

Your Amazon or Google speaker could be spying on you, but it probably isn’t

A loophole lets your home assistant devices listen longer than they should, but that’s not the whole story.

Smart speakers like an Amazon Echo or Google Home exist to listen for your voice and provide feedback. This functionality is amazing for users, and a nightmare for any security professional. That’s why so much time and effort is spent by those security researchers and professionals into poking holes into these smart speakers’ armor, so they can pass along  [Read More…]

Testing face recognition on dark skin isn’t a bad thing when done right

No matter how you approach it, the subject is going to be a touchy one. Being deceitful and dumb about how you do it isn’t helping here, Google.

It’s no secret that using any sort of software that does more than a cursory “look” at people has issues when used by a person of color. Microsoft had issues with the Kinect and even a simple heart-rate sensor on your smartwatch can struggle here. Google is trying to  [Read More…]

5 reasons why a Chromebook is (and isn’t) better than an iPad

Chromebook or iPad? Here’s which one is a better fit.

What’s a computer? No, seriously, what is it?

The computer we know today is very different from just a few years ago, with big, bulky laptops being replaced by convertible tablets everywhere you look. In 2019, two of the most popular “computers” on the market are Chromebooks and iPads.

We’re big advocates for Chromebooks around these parts, but as much as we love them, we’ll be the  [Read More…]