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Having connection issues with Disney+? Try these fixes to keep binging!

Disney+ has finally launched to the masses, so we can all get our fix of Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, National Geographic, and Fox all in one place. Launch week usually has some jitters and kinks with servers that need to be worked out, but what if you’re still having some connection issues with trying to get to your Disney+ content? Let’s fix those pesky connection issues.

How to do a power cycle

A power cycle is when you  [Read More…]

Ubisoft addresses player issues in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint should be seeing improvements soon.

What you need to know Ghost Recon Breakpoint released earlier in October. Since launch, players have encountered myriad issues, from problems with the game’s design to microtransactions. Ubisoft has outlined a plan to fix several of these issues over the coming weeks. You can grab Ghost Recon Breakpoint for $ 50 from Amazon.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint launched earlier in October and has had a bit of a rocky start.  [Read More…]

AT&T says it’s working on a patch to fix voicemail issues

The carrier says a “vendor sever problem” is to blame…

What you need to know AT&T has confirmed reports of an ongoing voicemail outage affecting customers, says it will be fixed with a patch. It blamed a “vendor server problem” for the ongoing outage. The company has not provided a timetable for when the problem will be resolved.

AT&T has confirmed that its ongoing voicemail outage will be fixed by an upcoming patch, however it has not  [Read More…]

Bose Sleepbuds are being discontinued due to battery issues

Multiple reports of dying batteries cause Bose to discontinue sleep assistive earbuds.

What you need to know These are truly wireless earbuds with noise-canceling with relaxing sounds. Sleepbuds initially launched via Indigogo in June 2018. The inability to charge and/or unexpectedly shutting down are the primary reasons for discontinuation.

For folks that suffer from poor sleep, when you find a product that says it’s going to help solve that problem, you get super excited. Bose, a company  [Read More…]

Could Android really be split away from Google because of antitrust issues?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds thanks to Android’s market penetration and relationship with other Google properties.

A company the size of Alphabet is always going to face the scrutiny of lawmakers in the U.S. and abroad. We’ve seen it for years — a country or group of countries haul Google into a court and ends up reaching some sort of “agreement” that mostly satisfies the original complaint and always puts money into state coffers and  [Read More…]

How to fix frame rate issues plaguing Remedy’s Control on PlayStation 4

Remedy’s Control is having a rocky launch on PlayStation 4, with stability issues and frame rate drops marring the experience.

If you’ve played Remedy’s Control on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro, you’ve likely noticed some performance issues, to put it mildly. As Digital Foundry discovered after conducting a performance test of the game, it’s rough. Like 10FPS rough. We’ve reached out to Remedy to see what the studio’s plan is on combating these issues and are  [Read More…]

Explaining the Galaxy Note 10’s Fast Charging issues

I’m fascinated by batteries. The very idea of a battery is interesting: this silent, static object that holds within it power, electricity — light, movement, energy. Batteries, especially rechargeable ones, are fascinating because they are both simple — stored energy released as components need them, and then filled back up through another source — and incredibly complex. The very makeup of today’s modern lithium-ion battery is something to behold, and requires a considerable amount of engineering prowess to  [Read More…]

Yes, Snapchat is experiencing some issues

What you need to know Yes, Snapchat is experiencing some issues. The major outages seem to be affecting users in Europe. The U.S. isn’t seeing many outages but you could find yourself affected.

Users are saying they can’t send or receive snaps while others say the app won’t refresh.

Snapchat is down for some users around the world. According to Down Detector, the outages mostly seem to be affecting users in Europe, but other parts of the  [Read More…]

Twitch is encountering a lot of issues that have people irritated

This new hashtag has been trending and there’s a groan-inducing story behind the whole sorry mess

What you need to know There have been numerous questionable issues involving streamers on Twitch over the last few months. On top of this, there was a recent issue involving streamer Ninja’s Twitch channel, which was being used to promote other Fortnite streamers and (indirectly) promoted NSFW content including pornography The accumulation of these events have led users on Twitter to  [Read More…]

Samsung says ‘most of’ the Galaxy Fold’s display issues have been fixed

It’s possible Samsung could show off the improved Galaxy Fold during the August launch of the Note 10.

What you need to know According to the Vice President of Samsung Displays, “most” of the display issues have been fixed. Two of the fixes include tucking the screen protector under the frame and narrowing the distance between the display and body of the device. Samsung’s expected to launch the Note 10 in August, and it’s possible we could  [Read More…]