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Samsung’s on-screen fingerprint tech said to be riddled with brightness issues

Not so long ago it was believed Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Note 8 phablet will arrive with a fingerprint scanner embedded into the display. Sadly, this information was recently refuted by a Samsung official who explained that the technology is not yet ready for mass production. Now an industry source reveals the reason or one of […]

Some users are reporting image bleed issues on the Galaxy S8

If you thought the issues of the red tint were over with the latest update being issued to Galaxy S8 owners then think again as it seems some users are seeing instances of image bleed on the display. Users have taken to Reddit to report a bleeding issues on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. […]

How to fix Audio Sync issues on your Gear VR!

Audio issues can make games and experiences much less enjoyable but there are ways to deal with it.

The point of VR is to be able to completely immerse yourself in an experience, right? Whether you’re gunning down enemies in Gunjack, or enjoying some 360 degree videos, audio is an integral part of the package. So what do you do when the audio isn’t syncing up correctly with video inside of your Gear VR? Have no fear,  [Read More…]

Samsung issues ‘urgent update’ to fix Device Quality Agent error

Samsung is releasing a patch for an annoying bug that kept people from enjoying their Galaxy S8s.

Samsung has issued an “urgent new software update” to fix a problem some of its Galaxy S8 customers were experiencing with a software component called Device Quality Agent, or DQA.

After downloading a day-one software update, many Galaxy S8 owners in the U.S. and Canada began seeing an error every 30-seconds to a minute with the notice that “DQA keeps  [Read More…]

Samsung rolling out software update to fix Galaxy S8 reddish hue issues

Following reports from Asia that claims select Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ displays were affected by a red hue, Samsung confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it is issuing an update that will bring a resolution to the problem. However, Samsung is sticking to its initial response that the reddish hue is not a […]

The EFF calls out Google for privacy issues in the EDU sector but the school districts need educated, too

Chromebooks for education is an excellent program, but it looks like the educators need a little more teaching when it comes to getting started.

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has renewed their charge against Google, Microsoft, and Apple for the way student privacy is handled in their respective educational markets. They say “Students and their families are backed into a corner.”

As students across the United States are handed school-issued laptops and signed up for educational cloud  [Read More…]

Huawei CEO speaks on P10 memory + screen issues

Richard Yu blames supply chain issues for slower memory in some P10s, and static electricity for smudgy screens.

Storage speed in phones often isn’t heavily promoted, even in flagship handsets, but it’s something which can affect how fast a device feels. As Engadget’s Richard Lai reports, some Chinese Huawei P10 owners noticed slower flash memory performance in their devices — speeds in line with the older eMMC 5.1 spec, not the newer UFS 2.0/2.1. Unlucky devices with  [Read More…]

Google and Huawei taken to court over Nexus 6P performance issues

Suffering boot loops and severe battery drain? A lawsuit filed in Texas alleges the same, and that Google and Huawei have offered little help on the matter.

The Nexus 6P battery drain and boot looping issues have happened to so many people — my husband and myself, included —that there’s now a lawsuit filed against Google and Huawei over the device’s numerous issues.

According to a press release from the firm behind the lawsuit, Chimicles & Tikellis, the complaint  [Read More…]

How to fix display issues in your Gear VR

What do you do when the Gear VR display is messed up?

One of the cool things about how Samsung’s Gear VR platform works is the total take over once you connect the phone to the dock. The Oculus software launches, and the dividing line between your Gear VR and your phone is live. The separate set of settings kicks in, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting anything before stepping into VR.

That doesn’t mean  [Read More…]

Let’s talk about the Galaxy S8 and weird usability issues

Seriously? They put the fingerprint scanner there???

The leak of the first live images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has given us lots to talk about. Despite obvious family traits, the Galaxy S8 represents the biggest design overhaul since the GS6 — with a wacky new, math-defying aspect ratio (18.5:9!), no clicky home button, and talk of the new Bixby AI assistant getting its own special key on the side.

While I hesitate to pass judgment based  [Read More…]