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Instagram now lets you buy items directly from Stories

Instagram has taken yet another step towards becoming a shopping app. The Facebook-owned company announced it will now allow users to shop directly from Stories.

Up until now, Instagram only let users to shop via their feeds. But with the Shopping feature available in Stories, folks will be able to purchase the desired items via Stories, thus eliminating the extra step of heading to another website.

Now when viewing Instagram Stories from brands, you can tap stickers with a shopping  [Read More…]

How to indent list items in Google Keep

Tabbed lists are live in Google Keep here’s how to use them.

Google Keep is part to-do app, part note-keeping app, part inspiration board, and all awesome. While there may be more powerful productivity services out there like Evernote, Google Keep is easy to use, available on just about every platform you work on — and built right into the recent Gmail redesign — and it is free. Google Keep’s lists have long been my go-to for  [Read More…]

How to purchase in-game items for PlayStation games

Found an in-game item you want to buy? Here’s how to do it.

No matter your feelings on the matter we are living in the age of in-game items. There is a veritable litany of items to expand or change the way you interact with games. From game breaking weapons to aesthetic changes like character skins, there may come a day when you want to purchase some items for a game on your PlayStation 4. Here is  [Read More…]

AG Daily Deals (12/13/16) over 90 of Tuesday’s best deals! Huawei watch, Samsung Galaxy S7, Amazon Echo, Smart home items, and more!

Featured Deal Huawei Watch – $ 199 at Best Buy – Save $ 100 If you’re looking to pick up an excellent AndroidWear smartwatch for an excellent price, look no further than this deal. The Huawei watch is one of our favorites on the market today for its build quality, battery life, and screen resolution. New Deals

This weekend’s best tech deals and discount codes (lots of fresh new items)

Welcome to the weekend edition of the best tech deals and discount codes from across the web. Exciting news! The Pokemon Go Plus wearable is finally hitting store shelves but in limited supply. It’s been a struggle for Nintendo to get the bracelet out in large quantities, so the best thing you can do is

Frequent traveler? Save big today on these three essentials travel items

Ever travel internationally? If so, you would know that other countries have different charging standards and rules for how you use your technology. Globally every country decides its own standards, like charging USB tech gadgets with different plugs. Your video subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO are also regionally approved meaning if you go

The definitive list of Pokémon Go levels and unlockable items

What are all the levels and items in Pokémon Go?

If you’re out wandering the streets of your city playing Pokémon Go, desperate in your search for 100 Magikarp so you can evolve them to Gyarados, it’s best practice to have a few good items under your Trainer belt.

Each time you level up, you’re awarded with a few items, and they get better and better as you work your way up to level 20. You  [Read More…]

Today’s best deals: Amazon Tap, Fire tablets and other great items just in time for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is officially one week away on June 19th. With seven days to go until we celebrate our fathers, you can still pick up fantastic tech gadgets at great prices. There’s also plenty of high school and college graduates celebrating their last days of school, so don’t forget about rewarding them too. Today has

Duplicate Files Fixer review: automatically detect and remove duplicate items to save space.

Does your device run out of storage, forcing you to painstakingly go through your phone and delete your contents ? Too busy or just too tired to go through your contents? Worry no more! Duplicate Files Fixer(free), available and rated 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store, does all this for you.

Objective View

Entailing a simplistic and easy to use interface, this is a user-friendly application that can be operated DFF-2by anyone.  [Read More…]

‘Purchases on Google’ will let you buy items straight from mobile search results

Google has officially unveiled “Purchases on Google,” a new feature that it will be testing that will allow customers to purchase items directly from mobile search results. Google will also mark ads for items that are currently available in stores near the customer.