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Hey Google, it’s ‘time’ to copy Apple

We’re fresh off another Apple hardware event and in focus right now is the new triple camera iPhone 11 series. And, while some still buy into the Apple vs. Android nonsense, there’s one product that’s being glossed over: the Apple Watch.

The new Series 5 Apple Watch is not a big upgrade. In fact, the biggest change for consumers is the inclusion of an always-on option for the display. The watch now dims but keeps the display active so you  [Read More…]

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Review: It’s what you wanted all along

This game brings my childhood back in the best way, but there are issues.

If you came here for a completely unbias review of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, I’m afraid you are out of luck. I am too big a fan of Squall and the gang to pretend that I don’t have positive feelings going into this.

But you didn’t come here for unbiased reviews. Like me, you’re probably already a huge fan of the original game,  [Read More…]

Civilization VI: Gold Edition is peak strategy gaming, and it’s only $25

Few games have ever managed to capture imaginations across the globe like Sid Meier’s famed Civilization series, in which players use a combination or warfare and diplomacy in order to defeat their enemies and conquer the globe.

The latest iteration of this immensely popular series—Civilization VI—comes packed with even more functionality and character traits, and the Gold Edition is currently available for 75% off at just $ 24.99.

Ideal for both seasoned players and first-timer gamers who have  [Read More…]

It’s possible that we know what the PS5 devkit now looks like

A new patent design upload might be a PS5 devkit…and a developer may have confirmed it

What you need to know An unusual design was uploaded that could be the PS5 devkit. Matt Stott, who claims to work as a video game developer for an undisclosed studio, has confirmed this devkit design on Twitter. If that’s the case, this would almost certainly be a major breach of an NDA.

We might now know what the PS5 devkit  [Read More…]

Note 10+ 5G teardown confirms it’s a tricky phone to repair

A new motherboard layout, 5G antennas, and many more fun bits were found in iFixit’s teardown of the Note 10+ 5G.

What you need to know The Note 10+ 5G has a repairability score of 3 out of 10. There are three 5G mmWave antennas. Long ribbon cables and glue make battery replacement difficult. Display replacement runs a high risk of damaging the rest of the phone.

The team over at iFixit has gotten its hands, and  [Read More…]

Microsoft made the perfect Android messaging app, and it’s now in the U.S.

This is what Android Messages should have been from the beginning.

Microsoft significantly raised the quality of its apps on Android over the course of the last two years, leading to great Android apps that include the likes of Next Lock Screen and Microsoft Launcher.

The latest is SMS Organizer, a text messaging service from Microsoft Garage, an initiative within the company that lets employees work on projects they’re passionate about. The app leverages machine learning to  [Read More…]

Samsung’s phones are so consistently good, it’s boring at this point

It’s a fine line to walk between consistency and complacency.

In many ways, the biggest selling point of Samsung’s phones over the past 10 years has been consistency. Yes, Samsung regularly advances its technology, design, and features — but does so with a good bit of conservatism as to keep things consistent from year to year for its loyal customers. The Note 10 and 10+ launch reminds us that Samsung’s playbook hasn’t changed.

It’s a fine line  [Read More…]

The TicWatch Pro 4G is still huge, but at least it’s faster

Last summer’s TicWatch Pro is back with some minor adjustments, but not the biggest one we needed.

When I reviewed the TicWatch Pro last summer, I was enchanted by its hybrid screen, but on my lanky wrist, it looked like I’d stolen an Omnitrix or was hiding some superhero weapon inside it. It was a big watch with battery for days thanks to the LCD always-on mode, but it wasn’t exceptionally fast or powerful.

It’s been a  [Read More…]

It’s official: the Redmi K20 and K20 Pro are launching in India on July 17

The phones you’ve been waiting for are launching on July 17.

What you need to know The Redmi K20 and K20 Pro are coming to India on July 17. Xiaomi is hosting pop-up events in Delhi following the launch. No word on pricing, but the Redmi K20 Pro is set to come under ₹30,000 ($ 440).

Xiaomi has been teasing the launch of the Redmi K20 series in India for some time now, and we now have  [Read More…]

The back gesture is getting better in Beta 5, but it’s still a hot mess

Peeking and exclusion zones try to fix Google’s broken gesture system, but it’s still not enough.

What you need to know Leaked Beta 5 build shows new ‘Back Sensitivity’ option for gestures. A Google developer outlined new change that allows ‘peeking’ drawers for hamburger menus. Exclusion zone size limits also being introduced for back gesture conflicts.

There’s a lot of changes going on with Google gesture system in Android Q, and we’ve already said plenty about how  [Read More…]