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Google is trying to fix Android camera apps but it’s not going to work

Google has an excellent solution to let developers build camera apps that will work on every phone but it’s not going to work because manufacturers need to support it.

There is a reason a lot of people think Android phones have bad cameras. That’s not true of course, and there are several phones from companies like Samsung or Huawei that disprove it, as well as Google’s own Pixel series of phones. But there is a tiny nugget  [Read More…]

Microsoft breaks down how it’s improving search in Outlook mobile

Outlook is gaining support for several features from Microsoft Search to help you find your content.

What you need to know Outlook on iOS and Android will gain several new features to improve the search experience. The features center around Microsoft Search, which helps find contextual content based on your queries. The new Search experience will start rolling out in April 2020.

Microsoft is rolling out a new search experience to help people find content within Outlook  [Read More…]

It’s not just you, Snapchat is down again

DownDetector is showing a peak of 15,000 outage reports in the last couple of hours.

Update, March 24, 10pm ET:Didn’t take long for Snapchat to go down again. Five days after our previous report, Snapchat users are complaining the service is down all over again. According to Downdetector, the complaints began around 9pm ET and have ramped up since then. Snapchat hasn’t yet acknowledged the issue.

What you need to know Snapchat is currently experiencing issues. DownDetector  [Read More…]

With routines it’s a breeze to get your Google Assistant to do more

It can be both fun and useful to order around the Google Assistant with simple commands like “Hey Google, turn on the lights” and see your words transformed into actions. Did you know, however, that you can do much more than simple one-off commands? By setting up and utilizing the Routines feature of Google Home and Google Assistant, you can trigger complex processes and activities with a simple action or phrase. I’ll show you how in the steps  [Read More…]

It’s not just you, Snapchat is currently down

DownDetector is showing a peak of 15,000 outage reports in the last couple of hours.

What you need to know Snapchat is currently experiencing issues. DownDetector shows the app’s servers have been having issues for the last two hours. The outages seem to be focused in the U.S., but reports coming in from all over the world.

It’s not just your Snapchat stories that can suddenly disappear without notice. The same thing’s happening to the company’s servers,  [Read More…]

It’s not panicking: Keeping tech workers at home is the right call

Now is not the time for employees flying around the world, then coming back to sit in a crowded office building.

Coronavirus has officially been declared a pandemic and every time you look at news about current events you see another set of numbers, each higher than the last, telling how many people are infected or have tested positive. Amidst the warnings from actual health officials and the brush-off from politicians, you’ll also find more and more  [Read More…]

How to save locations in Google Maps and why it’s so useful

A little organization goes a long way.

If you’ve ever opened Google Maps and felt a little overwhelmed with everything it has to offer, we don’t blame you. Maps is one of the strongest services in Google’s arsenal, but learning the ropes of how everything works isn’t exactly easy.

A few of Maps’ biggest and best features can be found on its bottom navigation bar, one of which is Saved Lists. Taking full advantage of your Saved  [Read More…]

The Galaxy Z Flip is a fairly durable phone, but it’s not perfect

Best answer: As far as foldable phones go, the Galaxy Z Flip is about as durable as they come. Its hinge has been tested by Samsung to go through 200,000 folds without any issues, meaning it shouldn’t give out on you at any point in owning the phone. It also features Samsung’s new Ultra Thin Glass, making it the first folding phone on the market with a glass display. However, the protective plastic layer covering that glass  [Read More…]

You can call it Pixel Smush or 3D Touch, it’s still the same failed idea

It’s an interesting concept with limited potential that’s already been done — and deleted.

One of the new features that just arrived on the Pixel 4 is the “long-press accelerator”, or Pixel Smush. It’s a concept Google has been kicking around a long time — Android Froyo could measure the force of a touch a decade ago — but with new machine learning capabilities and some software creativity, it’s now an actual thing.

Got the  [Read More…]

It’s about to get easier to find a reliable Galaxy S20 fast charger

However, you’ll still need the 10V/4.5A charging speed for 45W charging the S20 Ultra, and that is still impossible to find.

What you need to know The USB-IF announced that the S20 series are the first to get “Certified USB Fast Charger status”. With this, the S20 series has certified Power Delivery 3.0 support and Programmable Power Supply support. Certified USB Fast Chargers should be able to fast-charge the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. There are still  [Read More…]