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Score a lifetime of BoxHosting online hosting for just $79

Looking for an affordable way to build an online presence or manage your domain and email? If you’re not careful, you can nickle and dime your way into hundreds of dollars annually. For those just starting out this can eat into your budget.

We’ve got an excellent offer for you in the AndroidGuys Deals Store today, a lifetime of online hosting. Managed through BoxHosting, it’s everything you need to launch and host up to 500 websites, including unlimited disk space  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 goes live with AMOLED color display, and it costs just $25

Xiaomi once again shows why it dominates the budget wearable segment.

What you need to know Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a larger 0.95-inch AMOLED color display with 2.5D glass. You get 50-meter water resistance, and 20-day battery life between charges. There’s NFC, a heart rate sensor, and a 6-axis accelerometer. Oh, and Xiaomi is selling an Avengers edition with custom bands.

Xiaomi is currently the second-largest wearable manufacturer in the world, and it’s all because of  [Read More…]

Is 5Ge technology evolution or just marketing?

Best answer: 5Ge is the same thing as 4G LTE Advanced and has almost nothing to do with true 5G. True 5G uses new, more efficient technology to improve the speed and consistency of a wireless network.

Powerful Verizon phone with true 5G: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G ($ 1300 at Verizon) Flagship phone for Sprint’s 5G network: LG V50 ThinQ 5G ($ 1152 at Sprint) Good 4G is not 5G

5Ge is short for 5G Evolution, which  [Read More…]

The HTC Vive Pro Eye has just launched in North America for $1600

Eye tracking will provide better graphics and new ways to navigate VR experiences.

What you need to know The new HTC Vive Pro Eye can now be ordered in North America for $ 1600. Eye tracking adds new features such as better graphics and new ways to navigate within VR. Companies such as BMW, the MLB, and Ovation are already utilizing the eye tracking features.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye is now available in North America with  [Read More…]

Part Time UFO is an overlooked Google Play gem that’s just $2!

This week’s game of the week post is more like the gaming deal of the week. You should recognize HAL Laboratory, Inc. as the studio behind everyone’s favorite round and pink vacuum, Kirby, but they’ve also started dipping their toes into developing mobile games. Their first release is Part Time UFO, a premium crane simulator/puzzle game that has you playing as a little UFO who’s looking for work on earth by using a claw to help humans out  [Read More…]

Ultimate Ears just dropped the Wonderboom 2 speaker

Bring the party with you.

Ultimate Ears is no stranger to the world of magnificently mini Bluetooth speakers, and its newest release has just arrived. Meet the Wonderboom 2. The ultraportable speaker is available for pre-order now at $ 99.99 in your choice of Deep Space Black, Crushed Ice Grey, Radical Red, or Bermuda Blue. Orders are expected to ship on June 24th.

Do You Hear Its Call Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Choose your favorite  [Read More…]

This 42-hour JavaScript bundle is available for just $31

Whether you’re an aspiring coding pro or a seasoned web developer with years of experience under your belt, choosing which programming language to learn next is no easy task. There are simply too many to choose from, and each language seams to be uniquely suited for a specific part of the development process.

But, if you haven’t already learned JavaScript, look no further. The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle will get you up to speed with one of the industry’s  [Read More…]

The ultra-thin MOFT laptop stand was a crowdfunding hit and is now just $19.99

Have you ever used a laptop or Chromebook on a flat surface for any length of time? Of course you have. It’s a pain in the neck, right? Like, literally, it hurts the neck after sitting there hunched over the keys for much longer than it takes to finish a coffee.

As much as we love our portable devices, they are not always ergonomic or comfortable. The solution? You could get a stand that gets packed away in your bag  [Read More…]

The 2017 Nokia 3 just got a slice of Android 9 Pie

HMD Global makes good on its promise to give two Android updates, even to its budget phones.

For many phone makers, entry-level and midrange phones are treated like second class citizens. It’s rare to see them receive one update, let alone two.

Thankfully, HMD Global is not one of those companies and announced today via a tweet that Android 9 Pie is rolling out to the Nokia 3. In case you don’t remember, HMD promised way back  [Read More…]

Nreal’s $499 mixed reality glasses look just like regular sunglasses

With 1080p projection and a sleek design, the Nreal Light is the best option yet for customer-grade mixed reality glasses.

What you need to know Nreal Light mixed reality glasses project a 1080p image to each eye with a 52-degree field-of-view. The key selling point is the design: the Light looks like ordinary sunglasses. At $ 499, it’s also one of the most affordable options around. Going on sale later this year, developer edition launching today for  [Read More…]