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Spooky Saturday Sale! Pick up one of these Galaxy S4 skin cases today for just $2.95!

Made of a highly durable TPU material that feels great when gripped, the Mobi Products Soft Shell Case features anti-slip properties that gives your Samsung Galaxy S4 more grip on all types of surfaces. Plus, it has a special anti-dust coating! Choose from 5 bright colors and save 80% today

Samsung launches Intel-powered Chromebook 2 for just $250

Samsung has launched a new Intel-powered Chromebook. Samsung’s own Chromebook 2 launched earlier this year running on the Exynos chipset. This meant that owners were tasked with enduring subpar performance (see our review), especially when it came to multi-tasking, With an Intel variant available for purchase at the same affordable price point, we can’t help but recommend this new model over Exynos-powered Samsung Chromebooks.

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Kazam to launch smartphone with thickness of just 5.15 mm in Europe

Ever heard of Kazam? No? The British handset vendor created by ex-HTC staffers has announced that it is launching a device with a thickness of just 5.15 mm in Europe. Dubbed Tornado 348, the device features a 4.8-inch 720p display that’s backed by a one year screen replacement guarantee.

TunnelBear Review: A simple VPN that just works

TunnelBear (home)

With more and more companies and organizations attempting to steal/read/snoop on people’s data, security is something that more and more people are searching for. Phone companies are becoming more aware of this and are doing their best to keep user data safe. The next version of Android is said to feature data encryption out  [Read More…]

LG G Watch currently on sale at Best Buy for just $149.99

If you really want to get your hands, or rather your wrist, on an Android Wear smartwatch, Best Buy could have something that might be of interest. The retailer is currently selling the LG G Watch for just $ 149.99.

The Nexus 6 might have just popped up at the FCC

Motorola’s upcoming Nexus device may have just just made an appearance at the FCC. The new Motorola smartphone has a 6-inch screen and the model number XT1254. The device operates on LTE Bands 2, 4, 5, and 17, and supports GSM and WCDMA at frequencies of 850MHz, 1700MHz, and 1900MHz, bands that are supported by AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States.

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Google Voice just got real

google voice

Google Voice was such a cool idea when it first came on the scene. You could make calls, and send text messages from your computer back when most people were still working off desktop machines. Immediately, questions arose about whether Google was going to make a go at the mobile market. How was Google Voice going to disrupt the big carriers (before the word ‘disrupt’ was  [Read More…]

Brushed Stainless Pebble Steel gets another price drop at Amazon, now just $169.99

Earlier this week, Pebble dropped the price of the Pebble Steel to just $ 199 — which is a $ 50 savings off of the original price tag. Some eagle eyed shoppers have spotted an even better deal though, as it appears that you can pick up a brushed stainless model of the Steel at Amazon for just $ 169.99 — an additional $ 30 savings.

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Huge Pebble update brings activity and sleep tracking, price dropped to just $99

The good folks at Pebble today are kicking things up a notch with a new software update that allows for full activity tracking and sleep monitoring for all Pebble watches. No longer will you need your Pebble on one wrist and a fitness band on the other — Pebble now does it all. Today, Pebble is announcing new health and fitness apps from Misfit, Jawbone, and Swim.com that allow you to take advantage of the new  [Read More…]

Pebble smartwatch currently on sale for just $99.99 at Best Buy

If you have been waiting for the price of the Pebble smartwatch to get a lot lower, then perhaps Best Buy might be able to help. The retailer is currently selling the basic version of the Pebble for just $ 99.99, a $ 50 reduction from its normal price of $ 149.99.