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HTC gets colorful; purple EVO 3D just the beginning


Originally launched in black, available in white on September 9th and now coming soon to Best Buy in purple, the HTC EVO 3D is the latest in what looks to be an upcoming trend for HTC devices: lots of color.

Traditionally, smartphones have been rather bland in terms of aesthetics. If the hardware isn’t black, it’s usually white. There’s been few exceptions  [Read More…]

LG releases Optimus S Gingerbread source, no sign of the update just yet

LG Thunder source

LG has released the Kernel source and assorted GPL bits for the Gingerbread build on their Optimus S device.  No reports of anything showing in the LG updater tool just yet, and rumor says mid-September for an OTA.  For now, this just means that our resident Optimus warlords (yes, they have transcended developer status) have some new code to play with and see if they can improve the Gingerbread builds  [Read More…]

Google Navigation Just Got Better

Google Maps Navigation now automatically routes you around bad traffic and you don’t have to do anything different to use this new feature. Previously the navigation would route you through the fastest path available without taking into account traffic conditions. Like most new things Google this is still considered to be in Beta so use at your own risk and use some  [Read More…]

As hurricane Irene approaches, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and other agencies are doing what they can to help the millions of people in its path prepare. FEMA is no stranger to disaster and they have been providing information to the masses for quite some time. FEMA has taken full advantage of technology by creating multiple avenues for people to access the information they need, and today,  [Read More…]