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HTC One M8 in Amber Gold just $99 on-contract from HTC’s store for one day only

If you’re one to stand out from the crowd you may be interested in the Amber Gold HTC One M8, and tomorrow it’s only going to set you back $ 99 on-contract. For 24 hours starting tonight at midnight (CST), the price of the Amber Gold color of the HTC One M8 will drop in half to $ 99 on-contract from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon via HTC’s online store. You’ll of course have to put up  [Read More…]

Grab a Nokia DT-900 Qi charging plate from an AT&T store for just 5 bucks

Got an Android that’s Qi wireless charger compatible? If so, hit up your local AT&T store, because right now they are the best place to buy an authentic Nokia DT-900 charging plate. Why, you ask? Because they are having a sale where you can pick one up for just $ 5.

No, Google did not just leak their next tablet — this an old Nexus 10

This is image that’s been posted onto the Google I/O 2014 website, and has been making the rounds today as Google somehow being dumb enough to accidentally leak an unannounced product in an official production. Just take a moment to note the placement of the front-facing speakers, the volume rocker at the bottom corner, and the gentle curve of the sides. This is not a Nexus 8 or a next-generation Nexus 10. This is the Nexus  [Read More…]

WhatsApp servers are down — it’s not just you!

WhatsApp, the incredibly popular instant messaging service recently purchased by Facebook for almost $ 20 bilion, is offline at the moment. So, yeah, it’s not just you. It’s the WhatsApp servers. There’s no word yet on how long the outage will last, so let us know in the comments whether it’s working for you yet, and if not, when it starts working again!

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Grab a Moto E from Tesco for just £69 until May 27

The new ultra-affordable Moto E hasn’t been with us for long but this bank holiday weekend Brits can already get a great deal on one. Supermarket chain, Tesco, is offering a £10 discount on all purchases over £75 at its Tesco Direct shopping service until May 27, which drops the price of the Moto E to just £69. That’s £20 below the recommended list price.

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Vodafone’s 8-inch Smart Tab 4 just £125 on PAYG

If you’re on Vodafone in the UK and are looking for a cheap tablet to get it done, the new Smart Tab 4 might just fit the bill. The 8-inch tablet (800×1280) sports a quad-core MTK8382 processor at 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, and a 2MP rear camera, with 0.3MP out front.

It’s running Android 4.2.2 at launch, with an upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat in the works.

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AT&T LG Optimus G Pro just the latest to get KitKat

More Android 4.4 KitKat goodness is on the way to AT&T subscribers. Anyone rocking the LG Optimus G Pro should be getting update notifications. Changes include fresh status and navigation bars, a new full-screen mode, improved security, responsiveness, and battery life, Google Cloud Printer support, and all of the other good stuff you expect from Android KitKat.

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HBO shows start arriving in Amazon Instant Video, just as promised

The first wave of HBO shows on Amazon Instant Video just went live, including big-name shows like The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, The Wire, Deadwood, Six Feet Under, Big Love, and Rome. Prime subscribers are getting access to a whole bunch of other great shows that will never be coming to Netflix, as Amazon has locked down HBO as an exclusive as far as online-only streaming services go. HBO Go will be coming to the  [Read More…]

Samsung hasn’t changed Terminal 5 signage and branding, says Heathrow, just being ‘tongue-in-cheek’

Yesterday Samsung announced that they’d be kicking off a “revolutionary” campaign that would involve them “taking over signage, wayfinding, website, and every digital screen” at Heathrow’s incredibly busy Terminal 5 and “rebranding” it as “Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5”. But Mobile Nations has since been informed that Samsung’s “take over” is actually a far more reasonable, more standard form of advertising. In response to my complaints over on iMore yesterday that, as described, the marketing could cause  [Read More…]

Did the Galaxy S5 Google Play edition just sneak through Bluetooth certification?

An unannounced Samsung smartphone — the SM-G900FG — made its way through the Bluetooth SIG’s certification process recently, and this might very well be a Google Play edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The current TouchWiz-ed Galaxy S5 is the SM-G900F, and last year’s Galaxy S4 Google Play edition was the GT-I9505G (the standard Galaxy S4 being the GT-I9505), so it stands to reason that a Galaxy S5 with a model number appended with a G  [Read More…]