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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 first impressions: Not just a Note 7 clone

The Mi Note 2 is Xiaomi’s most refined phone yet.

After introducing the Mi 5 and the Mi 5s, Xiaomi followed up with the launch of the Mi Note 2 in October. The phone is the first from Xiaomi to feature a dual curved screen, and also the first to offer global LTE bands. With Xiaomi losing out to fellow competitors OPPO and Vivo in its home country this year, the company is counting on devices  [Read More…]

Jump start your resolution and learn something new! Master AI and machine learning for just $40 (Deal of the Day)

The beauty of the internet is you almost have virtual access to any information you want at the tips of your fingers. The days of education being offered solely at physical locations are far behind us; today’s Deal of the Day is one for growing your skills and readying yourself for the long-term. And, as

Spy on your pets with a Petcube for just $79 today!

Amazon’s Deal of the Day today can save you $ 70 on the awesome Petcube camera. Ever wonder what your pets are up to when you leave the house? Well, now you can stop wondering and start checking in on them from anywhere, all for just $ 79. The Petcube camera not only allows you to see the pets, but also interact with them thanks to the two-way audio, and play games with them through the built-in laser.

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Grab one of the best travel chargers available for just $4 right now!

How does one of the best portable charging plugs for less than $ 5 sound? Well, right now you can pick up iClever’s BoostCube plug with dual USB ports for only $ 4 with coupon code ICLEVER0, a savings of $ 7. The charger comes in both black and white, and happens to be the top pick for travel chargers by the team over at The Wirecutter. It is small, compact, and lightweight, and has a powerful output of 4.8A  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 is just $249 until Christmas

Get a great compact tablet for a solid price for the holidays.

Though it’s getting a bit old (about a year at this point), the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 is still a really solid tablet and it can be had for a full $ 150 off retail price from now until December 25. There’s no discount link or coupon code to follow, as the price has already dropped at Amazon.

The Galaxy Tab S2  [Read More…]

Google just made it even easier to switch from iPhone to Android

Make the switch from iPhone to Android more easily than ever.

Google has made it even easier to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone using Google Drive.

The company updated its Switch portal to reflect the Drive update, which can be downloaded onto the iPhone and used to back up all pertinent content, including contacts, calendar events, and photos & videos, to their respective places.

While Drive itself doesn’t store all of the data,  [Read More…]

HMD unveils its first Nokia device, but it’s just a feature phone

HMD is the company which currently holds the rights to use the Nokia brand on smartphones and tablets. We recently told you the Finnish company is gearing up to unveil the first Android Nokia smartphones in a while next year at MWC 2017, but while we wait on that HMD has already pulled the wraps

Grab Samsung’s power sharing cable for just $13 today!

Ever wish you could easily charge one of your accessories with your phone? If so, Samsung’s power sharing cable may be just what you need to add to your collection. The cable plugs into your phone and then the accessory, like a Bluetooth headset or smartwatch, and let your phone charge it up. This won’t work on every accessory, but right now you can pick one up for just $ 13.

Grab this Bluetooth headset for just $24 today!

Find yourself needing an extra hand when talking on the phone and wish you could just keep your phone in your pocket and have the conversation? Bluetooth headsets have become more popular, and Motorola’s HK255 set does a great job of combining comfort and great call quality. Right now you can grab one for just $ 24, a savings of $ 15.

Digital Offers: Grab the Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp for just $45!

Not all hacking is bad hacking. The word itself is associated with negativity usually, but it can be used for just as much good as it can bad. Have you ever thought how cool it would be to research vulnerabilities and try to discover them on your favorite websites while working for them? It would be pretty sweet, right? But, how do you even get started?

Meet the Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp, a perfect way to get going. The bootcamp  [Read More…]