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Xiaomi racks up 800,000 sales of the Redmi Note 2 in just 12 hours

Xiaomi’s latest handset, the Redmi Note 2, went up for sale in China over the weekend, netting up over 800,000 sales in the first 12 hours. Xiaomi’s not new to strong sales figures during flash sales, with the impressive showing of the Redmi Note 2 allowing the vendor to create a new sales record in its home market.

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Dell’s Chromebook 13 offers higher-end specs starting at just $399

Dell and Google have unveiled the Chromebook 13, an all-new Chromebook which aims to bring higher-end specs with a more affordable price tag. Currently, consumers have entry-level, affordable Chromebook’s like the ASUS Chromebook Flip, or a high-end, expensive option like the Pixel. Dell hopes to break the current trend, with pricing of its Chromebook 13 starting at just $ 399.

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EE launches new Euro Pass to let you use 4G abroad from just £3 per day

EE has announced a new Euro Pass for customers who wish to take advantage of unlimited calls, texts and data allowances abroad. From just £3 a day, you’ll be able to call and text all your friends while lying on the beach, accompanied by up to 100MB of 4G per day. This new add-on is available in 39 European destinations.

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Xiaomi slashes price of 64GB Mi 4 to just ₹17,999 in India, MIUI 7 coming in August

As part of its week-long anniversary celebrations in India, Xiaomi has reduced the price of the 64GB variant of the Mi 4 to ₹17,999 ($ 283), valid for 24 hours on Flipkart. The Chinese manufacturer decreased the price of the 64GB model from its launch price of ₹23,999 ($ 377) to ₹19,999 ($ 314) over the course of the last two months, with today’s deal lowering that price even further.

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Double up with an LG G4 standard battery — now just $26.95

There’s nothing like an instant 100% when battery life runs out. Today we’re matching Amazon’s $ 40 price tag on OEM LG G4 batteries, so now’s your chance to grab a spare or replacement while they’re on the super-cheap.

Are you a news glancer? Vizo released an app just for you.

Vizo, based in New York, recently raised 1M dollars in funding to develop to turn its beta news app into a full app for for Android and iOS. Vizo brings a new way of looking at news using a unique algorithm to deliver quick, visual rundowns of trending headlines based on user interests. Anyone can download the app now in the Google Play Store, and Vizo will be preinstalled on all Huawei mobile devices sold in Israel.

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Fallout Shelter puts $5.1M in Bethesda’s vaults in just 2 weeks

Half of all the Fallout fans around the world were ecstatic when Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios, announced that along with Fallout 4, Bethesda had developed a free mobile Fallout game called Fallout Shelter. The other half were bummed to find out that the game was only available on iOS devices. Of course, he also announced that an Android version was coming, and later Pete Hines, Vice President of PR/Marketing at Bethesda tweeted that the Android version should be out  [Read More…]

Go rugged with this CONVERT Combo for Galaxy S6 — now just $31.95!

Get the ultimate protection against drops and scratches for your Galaxy S6 with this Seidio CONVERT Combo that includes 3 layers matched with a beefy belt clip holster to keep at your side. There’s even a built-in kickstand on the back for convenient viewing on the go. Skip the OtterBox and grab this while they’re on the cheap.

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OnePlus Cardboard is just like normal Cardboard, hitting doorsteps starting today

In their continued efforts to get as many folks excited about the launch of the OnePlus 2 as possible, a VR campaign was announced last week to encourage folks at home to participate in the event. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a company use Google Cardboard to create a “virtual event” for a device launch, but OnePlus is the first company to directly involve their fans in the process. A special OnePlus version of Google  [Read More…]

Huawei reveals China pre-orders for the Honor 7 hit 9 million in just one week

Huawei has shared pre-order numbers for the Honor 7 in China. The company has revealed pre-orders for the smartphone have passed the 9 million mark after just 7 days. It’s perfect timing when you consider the fact plans continue to develop for a European launch later this year.