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It’s not just you: Facebook is down for some

If you’re having a little trouble posting your latest food pic to Facebook this afternoon, don’t worry: you’re not alone. The service appears to be experiencing a bit of an outage for some users.

Pick up SanDisk’s 128GB MicroSD card for just £39 at Amazon UK for today only

If you happen to be on the hunt for some expandable memory for your camera or smartphone, you may want to check out this SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD card, which happens to be today’s Lightning Deal over on Amazon UK. You can pick up the card for just £38.99.

Grab a slim kickstand case for your Galaxy S6 today for just $4.95

Protect your Galaxy S6 without bulking it up with this Amzer Hard Case! The unique texture on the back enhances your grip and the fold-out kickstand is a great addition for watching movies on the fly.

Amazon is today running a promotion to sell you Prime for just $67

Should you upgrade your Amazon account today to Prime membership, you’ll only pay $ 67 for an entire year. This is thanks to a promotion the online retailer is running today only, which sees $ 33 slashed from the original price of $ 99.

Hey Google, don’t just change fundamental parts of my launcher without warning

This is the least user friendly way to update your apps.

Since it became available I’ve been using the Google Now Launcher on pretty much every phone. Though it’s of course pre-loaded on Nexuses and now Motorola phones, I even go out of my way to install it on my Galaxy Note 5 and Shield Tablet. It’s a great launcher — but seriously, why can’t Google just communicate when it’s going to dramatically change in function  [Read More…]

Expansys is offering the 64GB Nexus 6 for just $369

Online retailer Expansys is offering quite a deal on the 64GB variant of the Nexus 6, slashing the price down to only $ 369. Normally, the 64GB Nexus 6 goes for $ 550, but the retailer is offering a $ 180 savings right now.

Amazon Prime annual membership gets cut to just $67 for Sept. 25 only

If you have always wanted to be an Amazon Prime member, but balked at the service’s up-front $ 99 fee for an annual membership, you might want to have Friday, September 25 set up on your calendar. That’s when Amazon will cut the price for joining the service down to just $ 67 a year if you sign up between 12 a.m. Eastern time (9:00 p.m. Pacific time on September 24) and 11:59 p.m. Pacific time (2:59  [Read More…]

Samsung plans to implement a financing option just like Apple

Apple took the carrier contract subsidies into their own hands by offering their own financing option on their new iPhone 6s devices, and now according to a new report Samsung are looking to do the exact same thing.

Sources that are citing an industry executive who are familiar with Samsung’s plans claim that the company will launch a smartphone leasing program in the next several months. This will make it easier for consumers to spread the cost of their Samsung phone  [Read More…]

This week’s Humble Bundle will get you making Android games for just $12

For this week only, Humble Bundle will allow you to kickoff your own Android game development. The Android export module of Game Maker is currently available for just $ 12. Adding in the cost for Google Play registration, setting you back $ 25 and we’re at $ 37, which isn’t a bad price for what you’re receiving.

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Is Acer’s Predator 8 tablet a Shield-killer or just a nice try?

Does another promising device bite the dust?

At IFA 2015, it was quite obvious that Acer is aggressively pushing its Predator line of elite devices.  There was a whole flashy area dedicated to it, surrounded with the brand’s industrial, red-accented theme.  To recap, we were shown powerhouse gaming laptops, large curved monitors packed with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, a smartphone with a 10-core CPU monstrosity, and a sweet-looking 8-inch gaming tablet – the Predator 8.

DSC02094[Read More…]