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Tuesday’s top deals: a Kano computer kit, a 400GB microSD card, and more!

On a daily basis there is no shortage of great deals to be had, but sometimes hunting them down can be a bit time consuming. Don’t let that drag you down, though. We’ve rounded up some of our absolute favorites from today that you simply can’t miss out on.

Learn Something New Kano Computer Kit Touch

This is an all-new low price for a device that’s only a few months old and was selling around $ 280 on  [Read More…]

How to enable parental controls on the Kano Computer

The Kano Computer is a kit that prides itself on being the best thing to teach people, of all ages, how to code. Regardless, it is mostly targeted towards children. But, no matter how old your child is, they’ll need to have access to an online community called Kano World in order to take advantage of everything the Kano Computer has on offer. In this guide, we’ll show you how to enable parental controls and ensure that your  [Read More…]

How to move your Kano Computer files to a Kano Computer Complete

Moving files may seem easy, but the reality is that it can be incredibly tiresome to do. Even if you’re prepared, it’s a boring process. Regardless, you’ll need to do this if you want to transport your old Kano files from your Kano Computer to the Kano Computer Kit Complete. Thankfully, we’re here to help show how simple it really is.

Products used in this guide Kano: Kano Computer Kit Complete ($ 150) Best Buy: SanDisk Ultra PLUS  [Read More…]

The Kano Pixel Kit doesn’t hold a candle to the Kano Computer Kit

Android Central is dedicated to finding the best devices that teach you how to code, and always has been. We’ve talked about the Kano Computer, the Python Kit and so much more. That’s why, when it comes to choosing between two different coding kits, we’ll be here to steer you in the right direction.

Kano Computer Kit

All-in-one Kano Kit

$ 150 at Kano

Pros Allows you to build your own computer from scratch Picture-book teaching  [Read More…]

How to add the Harry Potter Kit to your Kano Computer

At some point in our lives, we’ve wanted to have a wand and somehow end up on a train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (no? Just me?). Unfortunately, this guide won’t be telling you how that’s possible — instead, we’ll be showing you how to connect the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit with your Kano Computer. Once finished, you’ll be able to code with just a flick of your wrist. It’s almost like doing magic.

Products  [Read More…]

Got a great Kano creation you have to share? Here’s how to do it!

Image from: Kano

Creating things with code has never been easier thanks to Kano. You can create music, art, and even your own video game if you so choose to. This can then be uploaded to Kano World, a free, online community that allows you to share your creations with everyone. But, what if you want to only share your creation with friends, rather than everyone else? In this guide, we’ll show you just how to do that.

  [Read More…]

How to add a Pixel Kit to your Kano Computer

The Pixel Kit is a tool that a person can use in order to find different ways to code. But to use it, you first need to have it connected to your Wi-Fi and Kano Computer. Doing that is, of course, a little bit harder than it sounds. Thankfully, we’re here to help you get through the more difficult parts.

Products used in this guide Kano: Pixel Kit ($ 80) Kano: Kano Computer Kit ($ 150) How to  [Read More…]

Everything you can do in Kano World

Best answer: With Kano World, you can do a little bit of everything, but what really stands out is creating your own projects. These projects range from completing challenges on the Kano World leaderboard or just taking on your own projects. These can be building your own games, music, or even a radio station! Then, when you’re finished, you can share your projects with the world.

Kano Store: Kano Computer Kit ($ 150)

What is Kano  [Read More…]

Kano will release a Star Wars-themed kit in the second half of 2019

STEM is taking a trip to a galaxy far, far away.

If you want to learn how to code or get a better understanding of how computers work, Kano is a company you should be following if you aren’t already. It sells a variety of coding and computer kits that make STEM education fun, and today, Kano announced that it’s partnering with Disney for something pretty exciting.

Per Kano:

Today Kano, a leader in interactive storytelling, announced  [Read More…]

How to use Desktop Mode on your Kano Computer

The Kano OS works a little differently than a regular Windows OS. Instead of everything being accessible via clicking the start button in the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll instead see that applications are in small boxes, packed on top of one another in different sections with labels like “staff picks” and “make and explore.” Ultimately, this can be pretty confusing, but you can switch from this titled mode for your screen into the Kano OS’s desktop mode, which  [Read More…]