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These 4 new Chrome features will keep your passwords safer than ever

It’s also easier to see which Chrome profile you’re using.

What you need to know Google Chrome is getting new tools to keep your online data safe. Chrome will now warn you if your email or password has been compromised in a data breach. The desktop version of Chrome is gaining real-time phishing protection.

Staying safe online is an increasingly important thing that everyone needs to be aware of, and in an effort to make this easier,  [Read More…]

Keep your files tidy with these File Managers for Android

Plenty of us use File Managers to keep track of all of the many files we have. While there are dozens of them available on the Google Play Store, many don’t offer the features or ease of access that you want — or need—in a file manager. That being said, the quality of these applications has improved vastly over the years and we have the best you can download today for your Android device.

Simplicity at its finest Simple  [Read More…]

Google Assistant now supports Google Keep and other notes/lists services

There’s also support for Any.do, AnyList, and Bring!.

What you need to know You’ll be able to ask your Google Assistant to create a list and add items to it via voice commands. List and note services available will be Google Keep, Any.do, AnyList, and Bring!. The notes and lists feature rolling out today and will be in the services tab for Google Assistant settings.

The holiday season can get hectic with gatherings to plan, shopping to  [Read More…]

Keep your home secure with this Cyber Monday deal on a Ring Alarm kit

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home, and smart home security systems are all the rage these days. The Ring Alarm kit gives you some peace of mind with a series of door and window sensors and a voice-controllable siren that lets you know the instant someone comes into your home uninvited.

Cyber Monday is still going strong for a few hours, and in that time you can grab the Ring Alarm 5-piece kit, plus a free Echo  [Read More…]

Keep your new Pixelbook Go protected on the go with these sleeves

The Pixelbook Go was long overdue. We were waiting to see how Google followed up after the release of the Pixelbook back in 2017, and the company didn’t disappoint. This 13.3-inch Chromebook comes with an array of configurations to help you get your most important work done on the go. However, while you are traveling, you need to protect your investment. We’ve found the best sleeves for the Pixelbook Go!

Made with Google Bellroy Laptop Sleeve – Google Edition  [Read More…]

Keep seeing Error 83 on Disney+? Here’s why and how to fix it

Disney+ is here and it seems to be a hit. With hundreds of films from the most popular franchises on the planet — not to mention thousands of TV episodes from our childhood — it’s little wonder that Disney+ is popular. However, when errors invade your movie marathon, things are anything but magical. There’s a few different errors Disney+ can spit out when things go awry, but Error 83 is by far the most prevalent error you come  [Read More…]

Does your Disney+ stream keep buffering? Try these fixes for better video

Finally, Disney+ is here and we can now watch all of our favorite classic Disney films, as well as other content from Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, National Geographic, and Fox, all in one place. Disney+ is still in its infancy though, so it’s not uncommon to see playback issues, such as buffering, while watching your shows and movies. Luckily there’s something you can do about it.

Make sure your Internet speeds meet the minimum requirements

Quality of video played  [Read More…]

Schlage Encode review: A convenient smart lock to keep your home secure

Easy set up with plenty of helpful features.

There are so many different smart locks on the market these days it can make it difficult knowing which one is best for your home. I’ve honestly been wary about adding a smart lock to my own home since I was concerned about how difficult the process might be — especially about whether my installation attempt would damage my door. I found installing the Schlage Encode surprisingly easy and  [Read More…]

Having connection issues with Disney+? Try these fixes to keep binging!

Disney+ has finally launched to the masses, so we can all get our fix of Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, National Geographic, and Fox all in one place. Launch week usually has some jitters and kinks with servers that need to be worked out, but what if you’re still having some connection issues with trying to get to your Disney+ content? Let’s fix those pesky connection issues.

How to do a power cycle

A power cycle is when you  [Read More…]

Looks like Hulu users can keep their Add-ons with Disney+ bundle after all

What you need to know An update to Disney+ Founders Circle terms of service offers details about the bundle. The Disney+ bundle will link to Hulu or ESPN+ accounts by using the same email address. Once linked, monthly credits for the basic plan will be applied, but Add-ons can be managed separately.

Everyone is excited about Disney+’s launch tomorrow. The new streaming service is combining the best content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more.  [Read More…]