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BlackBerry KEY2, third opinion review: Keyboard at all costs

You better really love that hardware keyboard, because you’re giving up a lot to get it.

With our own Daniel Bader taking on the canonical KEY2 review for Android Central, and Jerry Hildenbrand following it up with his own thoughts, I’m in the privileged position of using the phone far longer before putting my conclusive thoughts down. I’ve been using the KEY2 for over three weeks now, which was essential for me to get over the stumbles  [Read More…]

Top BlackBerry KEY2 keyboard tips and tricks

The hardware keyboard isn’t wasted space, it’s untapped potential.

The BlackBerry KEY2 is definitely a polarizing device, just like the KEYone and Priv were before it. You’re either immediately drawn to the appeal of a hardware keyboard, or you think it’s a waste of space. If you’re in the latter camp, it may be because you think the keyboard is only for typing — to the contrary, this little set of keys can do so much more  [Read More…]

The KEY2’s keyboard shortcuts are one of the best features of any phone

Everybody has that one thing they really like and keyboard shortcuts is my thing.

I’m sitting here at my desk going through my schedule of things to write in the next week or so. A good bit of it all is centered around the BlackBerry KEY2 because it’s a new phone and we write about new phones, but also because it’s a phone I am pretty sure I’ll enjoy using for the next year. So I did  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Key2 Review: Keyboard King

For years, BlackBerry was the best option for those in business. The physical keyboard and smart software made it a no-brainer for those who just needed to get the job done. But, as we all know, BlackBerry quickly began to fade. It stuck with its own operating system as Android and iOS dominated the landscape. A physical keyboard was no longer the draw that it once was.

BlackBerry was going the way of the dodo.

But, the Canadian company finally bottomed  [Read More…]

How to use the Speed Key and BlackBerry KEY2 keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts on the BlackBerry KEY2 are even more convenient with the new Speed Key.

BlackBerry hadn’t added a key to the keyboard in over a decade, but the KEY2 brings a new one called the Speed Key. It’s the nine-dot matrix labeled key in the lower right and what it does is a nice addition to the keyboard shortcuts we first saw (for Android, anyway) on the Priv. The Speed Key allows you to use any  [Read More…]

Rymek Typewriter Bluetooth Keyboard review: $200 of nerdy goodness

This is not the best keyboard I own, but it is the keyboard I will use until it breaks.

AC Score 4

When it comes to keyboards, I am entirely without shame. I like my keyboards loud, comfortable, and unreasonably flashy. I can’t type on most of my keyboards during meetings or podcasts, because there is no way to type on them quietly. Quality  [Read More…]

Rymek mechanical keyboard is the retro tablet accessory you never knew you needed

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage right now. Just about everywhere we turn we find someone sharing their new mechanical keyboard; so popular are they that there’s an active Reddit community of some 275,000 subscribers.

We’re an Android site, and we talk about mobile tech. Why do we care about mechanical keyboards all of a sudden? Well, as it turns it, you can have a little bit of both worlds.

We recently learned about the Rymek retro-style mechanical keyboard with  [Read More…]

Type wherever and whenever with the $20 iClever foldable Bluetooth keyboard

Small and portable for when you aren’t using it.

The iClever IC-BK03W portable folding ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard is down to $ 19.71 with code ICELBK03 on Amazon. This keyboard has been selling steadily around $ 29. We shared a couple deals on the black version of this keyboard around Black Friday last year, but this is the first code we’ve seen that worked on the white version.

This seems like the perfect keyboard for when you’re  [Read More…]

Best Keyboard Cases for the Samsung Tab S3

A keyboard case adds valuable functionality for your Galaxy Tab S3.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is easily the best Android tablet you can buy. It’s got top-notch internal specs and is a good size with a 9.7-inch display making it a great tablet for getting things done

If you’re looking to use your tablet as a laptop replacement, you’re going to want a keyboard case that adds the extra functionality of a physical keyboard along with  [Read More…]

How To Add A Keyboard and Mouse to Playstation 4

This probably isn’t going to work out the way you think, but you can have some fun.

PlayStation 4 gamers already have access to one of the best controllers in the world with DualShock 4 included in the box, but it’s not great for everything.

While Sony has put a ton of work into making the controller better for typing on the PS4, it’s still not ideal. The fix, if you’re really interested in typing on your  [Read More…]