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How to setup and use keyboard shortcuts on the BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry Priv has a physical keyboard. You probably know this by now. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, a physical keyboard is just a bunch of buttons, and when using the right software, you can do a lot of things with buttons. The BlackBerry launcher has that software baked in, and you can set shortcuts to do things like toggle your Wifi or Bluetooth, set a destination for navigation or send an email  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Priv versus Samsung’s Note 5 keyboard case

BlackBerry users, both legacy and those waiting patiently for the new Priv to arrive, know what a nice smartphone keyboard is like. The rest of the world may have forgotten, due largely to the meager offerings from other companies over the last few years. The only company to come close to releasing a worthy smartphone keyboard in the last year is Samsung, and rather than baking the keyboard into the phone you clip an accessory on to  [Read More…]

How to search Google using just the BlackBerry Priv keyboard

The BlackBerry Priv has a pretty awesome hardware keyboard and its probably something you’re going to use a lot. One neat trick is that you can just start typing and immediately search Google. We’re using Google as an example here, but the same steps can also be applied to the on board BlackBerry Device Search.

Here’s what you need to do.

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The best Android keyboard apps

Trace, tap, type, talk

Keyboards are important. Really important. Without a good keyboard, communicating on a smartphone can go from heavenly bliss straight back to teeth-pulling torture. Keyboards are also one of the most important apps you select from a security standpoint, as they are by their very nature keyloggers. And while most users will never really need to worry about if their keyboard is stealing their emails and passwords as they  [Read More…]

Fleksy introduces a built-in option for themeing your keyboard

There are plenty of keyboard options available on the Play Store. From Swype and Swiftkey, to Google’s own keyboard, however there’s only a limited amount of customizing that can be done. Usually we are just stuck using the built-in themes, and anything that may be added to the “Theme Store” later on.

Fleksy released an update today bringing more customization to your fingertips, than ever before. Now, instead of being stuck with just the built-in themes, and anything that gets  [Read More…]

1byone Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with an integrated touchpad (Review)

1byone does it again with another high quality product with the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard which is designed to be used with all software such as Android, Windows and Linux. Considering I have a wide range of smartphones, tablets and laptops and am always on the go, having a portable keyboard that can keep up with me is vital to my writing. So when 1byone offered me the opportunity to review its wireless keyboard I jumped at the opportunity.

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SwiftKey debuts Neural Alpha- the first keyboard that thinks for you

Today, SwiftKey took the first step in the next generation of keyboards. The keyboard giant released Neural Alpha, the first version of their newest keyboard that will change the way predictive text works. SwiftKey is installed on about a billion devices worldwide and using what they’ve learned, SwiftKey has developed the first “neural net” that will think along with you as you type to provide you with text suggestions that fit the context of your conversation.

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SwiftKey debuts new neural network keyboard to offer smarter word suggestions

SwiftKey has released another Greenhouse project, this time its the first ever smartphone keyboard that uses an artificial neural network. So, how does this differ from their existing keyboard? SwiftKey is well known for its current keyboards, and its smart word predictions, but the company says using the neural network it can make that even better.

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Toshiba unveils a refreshed Chromebook 2 with new Intel processing and backlit keyboard

Toshiba today announced the newly refreshed Chromebook 2 with 5th generation Intel i3 processor support. The new laptop not only comes with a new backlit keyboard for those late night blogging sessions, but also Skullcandy-tuned speakers, a 1080p IPS display and more, making it quite the workhouse.

WRIO keyboard app hopes to revolutionize typing from a smartphone


From Swiftkey to Swype, Fleksy to Minuum, there are hundreds of keyboards both on Android and recently iOS that look to make typing on a small screen an easier and snappier experience. Each have their benefits, and each have their takeaways. WRIO Keyboard is a new entry into this world of symbols and keys, and they’re looking for support on Kickstarter to get the app to you.



WRIO keyboard wants  [Read More…]