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LG Rolly is a solid, rollable full-size keyboard for your smartphone and tablet

LG has announced the Rolly, a full-size rollable wireless keyboard designed to work with smartphones and tablets. The keyboard folds up along the four rows into a stick that’s easy to carry around. Constructed out of “impact-resistant” polycarbonate and ABS plastic, LG’s accessory gives you more tactile feedback when compared to silicone-based keyboards.

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Samsung brings back the hardware keyboard for the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+

There’s a certain segment of smartphone users — and we’re not judging here — who just have to have a hardware keyboard. (We hear you. We grew up on Treos and Droids and Motorola Q9s that all had buttons with letters on them. (Some of us even used … what was it called … Blackberry!) But hardware keyboards have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur — until today.

Samsung has a keyboard cover for the Galaxy Note 5 and  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ may have a keyboard case option

As we approach Samsung’s Unpacked event and ever closer to the heavily rumoured Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, the leaks and speculations continue to pour out.


The latest is rather an odd one, courtesy of @evleaks, that shows the Galaxy S6 Edge+ sporting a rather old looking keyboard case, reminiscent of something from back in the Sony Ericsson days. The case adds physical keys to the device by snapping  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ may have a keyboard case option

Samsung is pretty close to making the Galaxy S6 edge+ official, but that doesn’t mean that the leaks stop. The latest, which comes from evleaks, shows the phone sporting a keyboard case. That’s right, a case that adds hideous physical keys to what could potentially be an otherwise beautifully designed phone.

1byone pocket sized folding mini Bluetooth keyboard [Review]

1byone’s foldable keyboard is a grand little device. With portability in mind, the keyboard connects to a wide variety of devices including most Android, iOS and Windows devices. In fact, the keyboard has three dedicated modes for these three popular operating systems.


The keyboard is really simple to set up. By unfolding the keyboard, the keyboard will automatically turn on.

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Intel Remote Keyboard lets you easily control the PC from your smartphone

Intel Remote Keyboard for Android is a neat companion app that essentially enables you to connect to Intel NUC and Compute Stick hardware and control input via your smartphone.

How to make sure you get the fix for the Samsung keyboard exploit

Two days after word of an unlikely-but-real exploit involving the stock keyboard in a number of current Samsung smartphones was revealed, we’re getting more details about the fix.

Samsung in a blog post today has further explained what to expect in regards to upcoming software fixes to the way its stock keyboard updates itself. As was disclosed earlier this week, it’s theoretically possible for an attacker to piggyback on the language packages as they’re updating, if  [Read More…]

Samsung preparing a security update to close keyboard exploit

Samsung today in an official statement has said that it’s prepping an update that should close a potential-but-obscure avenue for exploit in its custom keyboard on a number of its most popular phones.

Here’s what’s up:

Samsung takes emerging security threats very seriously. We are aware of the recent issue reported by several media outlets and are committed to providing the latest in mobile security. Samsung Knox has the capability to update the security policy of the phones, over-the-air, to  [Read More…]

Samsung’s keyboard had an exploit that you probably don’t need to worry about

Another security story misses the point, and your phone isn’t in any real danger.

Samsung’s stock keyboard — as in the one that ships on its phones — is the subject today of a piece from security firm NowSecure that details a flaw that has the possibility of allowing code to be executed remotely on your phone. Samsung’s built-in keyboard uses the SwiftKey software development kit for prediction and language packs, and that’s where the exploit was found.

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