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Windows Phone Word Flow keyboard dethroned as fastest by Fleksy-equipped teen

A Brazilian teenager used the Fleksy for Android to break the Guinness World Record for fastest texting, previously held by the Word Flow keyboard of Windows Phone 8.1. Marcel Fernandes Filho typed his 25-word message in 18.19 seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Adaptxt Legal Keyboard for Law Professionals


Law Professionals Can Now Eliminate Embarrassing Typos with Android Legal Dictionary com.kpt.adaptxt.legal Guest Contribution Post By: Sumit Goswami, CEO, Keypoint Technologies


We’ve all probably experienced embarrassing auto-corrections when emailing and texting friends and family on our mobile devices. Now imagine you’re a legal professional or law student engulfed in language specific to your industry where every  [Read More…]

MiniSuit BluBoard Bluetooth keyboard review

Last year we reviewed the MiniSuit Keyboard Case for Nexus 7, a well-designed tablet-specific Bluetooth keyboard. As it turns out, MiniSuit has more keyboard offerings for Android users. The cream of the crop is the MiniSuit BluBoard, a universal Bluetooth keyboard that works with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

The BluBoard is designed for tablets up to 10-inches in size, making it quite a practical way to get typing work done on larger tablets. But  [Read More…]

Xperia Keyboard now available in the Google Play Store, Sony device still required

Sony has moved its Xperia keyboard into the Google Play Store, but you still won’t be able to get it if you’re not using a Sony device. Sony‘s move echoes the actions of Google, who has been steadily moving more and more core app elements of Android — from the Google Keyboard to yesterday’s Google Camera — into Google Play. Sony’s likely done so for the some of the same reason as well: they can update  [Read More…]

Fleksy Keyboard version 2.1 rolling out with 6 new languages, bug fixes, and more!


For those of you who use the quick-typing giant Fleksy Keyboard, you should be receiving a pretty notable update today. The update mainly brings support for 6 new languages, altered keyboard layouts (depending on what language you’re using), and a bunch of bug fixes.

Here is the entire changelog for Fleksy 2.1:

Added Swedish, Danish, Malay, Hungarian, Czech, and Slovakian to their already long list  [Read More…]

Adaptxt Keyboard 3.0 tailors itself to your apps and location

After a few months in beta, the Adaptxt keyboard is now available to the public with a few new features. Adaptxt is both app- and location-aware, offering tailored predictions based on where you are and what you’re doing. The latest addition to that end is the ability for users to manually enter preferred locations, so your keyboard can quickly predict street names and landmarks as you type.

[Read More…]

Chrome OS updated with improved window management and onscreen keyboard

The stable channel of Chrome OS is being updated today with improved window management and a few much-wanted features. The first big change you’ll notice after updating your Chromebook or Chromebox will be a new side dock that allows you to dock small windows to the screen edges. Also, you’ll now have the option of using an onscreen keyboard, which will let you use your mouse or touchscreen for character input and device features (such as  [Read More…]

Swiftkey Flow Hard brings swiping to the desktop keyboard and all its keys

Not satisfied with all the April 1 shenanigans from the U.S., how about some with a British flavor to wake up to? We’re all familiar with SwiftKey, and this latest ‘innovation’ takes it from our Android devices to our desktop or laptop keyboards. Say hello to SwiftKey Flow Hard.

Flow Hard allows users to type radically faster by dragging their fingers from key to key on a keyboard, instead of slowly tapping each letter individually. The innovative technology, built  [Read More…]

Google Keyboard now improves suggestions by looking at your other Google services

The Google Keyboard was updated today with the same changelog as the last version, but one thing that’s definitely new about the input method is personalization of suggestions from your Google account. After updating the Google Keyboard, the bar above your keyboard that usually shows predictions will now remind you that the predictions will be improved by data Google has related to your activity in other Google apps.

Predictions are already improved by your own dictionary  [Read More…]

Google Keyboard 3.0 released adding personalised word suggestions

Google’s very own keyboard has today been updated to version 3.0, or more specifically 3.0.19373. The update brings a few minor bug fixes and tweaks, such as a dedicated “ABC” button to switch from emoji.

Of most interest in the Google Keyboard 3.0 update is a new personalised suggestions feature which uses data from other Google Apps and Services to improve suggestions and corrections.

The settings is enabled by default, so will need turning off if you aren’t too happy  [Read More…]