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HTC moves Sense Input keyboard onto Google Play

Like other parts of HTC Sense 6, the HTC Sense Input keyboard has made its way to Google Play. That means that HTC can now push updates to the keyboard with ease and not have to lean on a full system update just to tweak the keyboard — and that updated can go out to all supporting devices instead of waiting for each device update to be completed and then waiting again for carrier approval.

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Minimum – the first keyboard to land on Android Wear


Screenshot 2014-07-16 at 20.59.13

The team behind Minimum keyboard have been quick to get an Android Wear version of the tiny keyboard into development and have posted up a teaser of it in action on the LG G Watch. Minimum is a hugely popular 3rd party keyboard for your phone which takes up very little  [Read More…]

Is typing on a watch with a half-baked keyboard quicker than voice input?

No, it is not.

Lumsing Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard review

Android tablet users have no shortage of keyboards from which to choose. If you own a highly popular tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, you could get a keyboard case made just for that model of tablet. But someone like me who owns the less widely known (but no less excellent) Tegra Note tablet will probably have to look to universal keyboards instead of device-specific ones.

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A look at the Logitech Type-S Bluetooth Keyboard case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S

For many of us (myself included), for a good tablet to be more than just a content consumption device, an equally good keyboard is mandatory. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S — especially the larger 10-inch version — we see a tablet that can do just about anything we throw at it, and do it well. It’s a perfect content consumption device out-of-the-box. But like any touchscreen device, actually working on the thing  [Read More…]

SwiftKey monthly users jump 54% after popular keyboard goes free

SwiftKey’s move to drop the price tag of its keyboard offering in Google Play from $ 3.99 to free was a popular one among would-be users, and it turns out a good number went ahead and made the install after the price drop. Since going free back in June, SwiftKey has seen a 54 percent boost in monthly users, something that just wouldn’t have happened at this point in its life if it had kept the  [Read More…]

Fleksy Keyboard introduces 15 new languages in beta

Fleksy Shot 2

If you don’t know about Fleksy keyboard yet, you probably should. It’s one of the most rapidly growing keyboards for Android, and for good reason. They recently set a world record for fast typing, and launched a new keyboard on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. They’re about to expand again with the introduction of 15 new supported languages in beta!

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FlickKey keyboard targets round smartwatch screens

With Google’s Android Wear platform supporting traditional square and novel round watch faces, FlickKey is now coming out of the gate with a third-party keyboard that is designed to work fluidly for circular displays. “FlickKey keyboard is the only keyboard that let’s users type just what they tell it to type on all touch screen devices, including round screened smartwatches,” the company said.

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Apps of the Week: Wave Wave, Duolingo, Android L Keyboard and more!

Another busy week here at Android Central is behind us, and to cap it all off we’re going to give you a look at our favorite apps of the week. We have each of the writers here at AC select an app of their choice to put on display each Saturday, giving you a glimpse at what we’re using on our own phones on a regular basis.

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Android L Keyboard now available in the Play Store

Android L Keyboard

Earlier today, Kristijan showed those of you who don’t have a rooted device how to get the new Android L Keyboard. However, the issue is that this wouldn’t work on every device. In fact, there’s a lot of devices it wouldn’t work on such as my old, original Nexus 7 and my current daily driver, the Moto X.

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