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Chromebook Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

The best keyboard you can buy for your Chromebook or Chromebox.

Like most any other laptop, your Chromebook works great with an external keyboard. It’s incredibly easy to use an external display, mouse, and keyboard if you work or play from a desk and Chrome does a great job mirroring to a monitor or having one as an extended display. All you need is the right parts!

Chrome OS supports any USB (wired or wireless) or Bluetooth  [Read More…]

What keyboard are you using with your Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 comes with a keyboard, but you may not want to use it.

There are so many keyboards available in the Play Store — sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with which one to download.

Things get confusing, especially for newer users, with the reality that most companies, from Samsung to LG to HTC, equips their phones with their own keyboards, often of very different quality.

Samsung’s built-in keyboard, the autocorrect algorithms of which are  [Read More…]

Kanex MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard review

Kanex bills its latest portable keyboard, the MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard, as a “perfect fold-and-go solution” for phone and tablet users. In essence, it’s a thin keyboard that pairs via Bluetooth and which folds in half when toting around. If you’ve already got a tablet but envy the functionality of a Surface Pro or a […]

Gboard update adds a floating keyboard, cursor control, and GIF suggestions

Gboard is turning into the most feature-rich keyboard around.

Gboard has picked up a significant update to version 6.2 that introduces a slew of new features. In one-handed mode, you now have the ability to resize and reposition the keyboard, allowing you to move the keyboard to a location where it’s comfortable to use. All you have to do is switch to one-handed mode, select the pop-out icon from the bottom left (or right, based on the orientation) of  [Read More…]

Your Moto Z might soon get a QWERTY keyboard slider

BlackBerry made the QWERTY keyboard famous, but other phones have offered such keyboards in the past. Remember the Motorola DROID 4 slider? The phone was released back in 2012, but after that the QWERTY slider disappeared from the Motorola portfolio. Well it seems the QWERTY keyboard will make a comeback soon enough. You’re probably aware […]

How to fix a stuck keyboard in your Gear VR

Getting the keyboard to open in Samsung Internet is easy, but closing it requires an extra step.

One of the coolest things you can do while playing with your Gear VR, is spend some time surfing the internet. That’s entirely possible too, with the help of the Samsung Internet app. This means you can check out 360 degree videos, or check out the latest SNL clip to give yourself a guffaw. However, some users have reported a  [Read More…]

Lenovo Yoga A12 tablet offers the unique Halo keyboard on a budget

Remember the inventive Lenovo Yoga Book which was released last year? The hybrid device arrived with an innovating touch-sensitive surface instead of a physical keyboard that doubled as a digital sketchpad. Well this week Lenovo has announced a more affordable variant with a slightly larger display called the Yoga A12. The Yoga Book took advantage […]

Redraw Keyboard – Customize ALL THE THINGS (App Review)

Android has a billion keyboard options. Okay, maybe there’s not quite a billion keyboard apps out there to choose from, but with all of the customization options offered by some of them, it might at well be since every Android user ever could easily have a different looking keyboard. However, not all keyboards are created

New BlackBerry with hardware keyboard to launch during CES

A new BlackBerry is coming.

We knew it was coming, but BlackBerry’s long-awaited ‘Mercury’ handset is set to be announced at CES.

A teaser of the keyboard-sporting BlackBerry handset, which is now designed, overseen and built by TCL, Alcatel’s parent company, was shown by Steve Cistulli, President of TCL, prior to the start of CES.

In mid-December, BlackBerry and TCL formalized their relationship, officially making the Canadian outfit a software company. TCL will still release BlackBerry-branded handsets, for  [Read More…]

Google Keyboard becomes Gboard, separates itself even further from SwiftKey

Beyond just a name change, the new Gboard offers even more features.

Following the launch of the “Gboard” keyboard for iOS earlier this year, Google is now rebranding Google Keyboard on Android to the same Gboard moniker. At the same time, Google is adding several new features to both match Gboard on iOS and also offer more customization choices for Android users. The move comes not as a separate app, but simply as the version 6.0  [Read More…]