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Moto X is still alive and kicking, new one coming this year

It was widely expected that the Motorola and Lenovo merging would see the end of the Moto X brand in favor of the Moto Z. It now appears that the Moto X lives on and there will be a new one coming this year. A new leak has surfaced that gives a glimpse into what […]

Google is kicking Apple off my TV, and I couldn’t be happier

It’s no secret that I’m a cross platform kind of guy. It’s also no secret that I use – and enjoy using – Apple devices day in, day out. Like the Apple TV. For about 18 months now I’ve had a happy relationship with the Apple TV. It’s small, it’s easy to use and it works like a charm in conjunction with a Mac, iPhone or iPad. But that happy relationship is about to come to  [Read More…]