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Let Amazon’s $40 Echo Dot and Smart Plug bundle kickstart your smart home

Smart home gear doesn’t have to break the bank.

Amazon has dropped the price of its Echo Dot + Smart Plug bundle to just $ 39.99 today. The non-sale price for the newest Echo Dot alone is $ 50 so you’re getting it at a $ 10 discount with Amazon’s Smart Plug — worth $ 25 — thrown in for free.

The latest Echo Dot offers up to 70% better audio quality over its predecessor when listening  [Read More…]

Full Stack JavaScript Bundle: Kickstart your programming career for $35

You can’t browse the internet without coming across websites that use JavaScript. No, that’s not an exaggeration; 95 percent of sites use the coding language. In other words, its everywhere and doesn’t look to be going anywhere.

If you are looking to gain an edge over your co-workers in 2019, you’ll need to do something they can’t. We’re willing to bet that the guy next to you doesn’t know anything about JavaScript.

Did you know that you could teach yourself the  [Read More…]

For a limited time get Sprint Unlimited for $25/month with the Sprint Kickstart flash sale

If you’ve been looking for a better plan or way to save money on your mobile plan, and really, we all are. Then today might be the day to jump over to Sprint and give them a try. Once again, Sprint is running their Kickstart flash sale for Sprint Unlimited that offers unlimited talk, text, and data for only $ 25 a month.

Sprint says this deal will be gone in a flash, but they don’t mention exactly when it  [Read More…]

Kickstart your IT career with this 11-course bundle, now 98 percent off

When it comes to IT success stories — who doesn’t want a lucrative career doing something they love? — CompTIA A+ certification is usually right in the middle. However, training for a complete career doesn’t stop there.

If you’re serious about completing training and passing a multitude of the top IT certifications, Android Central Digital Offers has a bundle for you. Instead of $ 3,289, we’re offering this bundle for 98 percent off. That brings the final price down  [Read More…]

Kickstart your career in game development with this 9-part training bundle, just $49

More than 83 hours of training will take you from zero experience to a game development master, learning a whole array of tools.

10 more crème de la crème nature wallpapers to kickstart your summer

Summer has once again made its return to our blue, round planet. Now instead of the cold, dark skies taking over and making everything look dull, we have some great lush greenery greeting us every time we go outside. Well, that is if you don’t work in an office all day like I do. Well, for all those that have to remain inside when everyone else is getting to go out and explore our great planet, I have some  [Read More…]

Kickstart your heart with Mötley Crüe’s Greatest Hits, free on Google Play

If you’re finding that you could use a little injection from Dr. Feelgood tonight, Google Play has your back. Mötley Crüe’s Greatest Hits album is now free on Google’s online music store.