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Cool Kickstarter projects: Embr Wave is a wearable thermostat for your body

Wearables have been around for a few years, and yet they have failed to find true utility. For example, there’s not much you can do on your smartwatch than you can’t do on a smartphone. Well a new startup founded at MIT has created a wearable that actually solves a real problem. If you’re human, […]

Ticwatch S and E with Android Wear 2.0 now available on Kickstarter for $119 and up

Remember Mobvoi’s popular Ticwatch 2 smartwatch which was sold for an affordable $ 199? Well, the company is now back with a new set of products that were built on user feedback. Meet the Ticwatch S (Sport) and Ticwatch E (Express) – two smartwatches which no longer run on the company’s proprietary Ticwear OS, but are […]

Mobvoi’s first Ticwatch with Android Wear coming to Kickstarter this summer

When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch, Samsung’s Gear S lineup and Google’s host of Android Wear devices dominate the market in the United States. But outside its borders, smartwatch makers are popping out like mushrooms after the rain. A good example of such smartwatch manufacturers is Mobvoi with its Ticwatch 2 product which […]

Kickstarter of the week : STREAMZ – Voice Controlled Smart Streaming Headphones

I do love a good Kickstarter, who doesn’t right? I dread to think how many hours I’ve lost trawling the ever expanding gadget tech innovations all vying to be the “next big thing”. One thing I am less so enthusiastic about, however, is parting with my hard earned cash, this particular part takes something quite special. […]

Kickstarter darling Ticwatch 2 is all the watch you need, just $169.99

Suffice to say, smartwatches and Android Wear haven’t taken off quite like many expected. Not for features or functionality, but largely because of price and user needs. In short, a lot of us don’t necessarily need everything that comes with Android Wear. Instead, we’re content with activity trackers and wearables with notifications. Last summer saw […]

Even Kickstarter success stories are sick of nonsense campaigns

It seems like everyone has had a bad Kickstarter experience these days.

The core idea behind Kickstarter, where a great idea can become reality with support from people outside of your average sphere of influence, is amazing. We’ve seen tremendous success stories come from the crowdfunding site and its clones, but more often than not what you hear about are the failures. Things that sounded amazing but were terrible when it shipped, things that promised to ship  [Read More…]

Brew the perfect cup of Joe, and control your home with Zac, your personal holographic butler (Kickstarter of the week)

I love to browse through crowdfunding campaigns on a regular basis as some of the coolest and innovative ideas are born through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Both websites vet potential startups and concepts as best as possible, but ultimately the consumer decides if an idea is truly good or not with their wallets. I’ve come across two

Linner’s top-notch Active Noise Cancelling earbuds are just $69 and are worth every penny (Kickstarter of the week)

Music in its earliest forms was invented thousands of years ago. We have loved music as a source of entertainment for just about as long as we have existed. With the MP3 player, smartphone and internet revolution, one can argue we listen to more music now than ever. Even with today’s iPhone 7’s announcement, one of

Kickstarter of the week: A wireless, waterproof and floating 360 speaker from Cannonball Audio

If I had more discretionary cash on hand I would back tons more crowdfunding campaigns. As it stands, I can usually only back one or two a month. The concepts and innovations brought to Kickstarter are amazing. And who doesn’t love supporting the little startups with dreams of creating something new to serve users like

Android-powered ConsoleTab heads to Kickstarter on August 22

Console Inc., of Santa Clara, CA is gearing up to open preorders for its new ‘ConsoleTab’ tablet. This new tablet is designed to meld the Android and PC experience into one 10-inch portable device.  Kickstarter backers will have options for discounts on the new device as preorders open up on Monday, August 22. Console Inc. is