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Twitter is killing its apps for Roku, Android TV and Xbox

Apps will remain for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, though.

Fun fact: Twitter had apps for Roku, Android TV and Xbox.

Another fun fact: Those apps will no longer work come May 24. While Twitter didn’t explicitly say why, TechCrunch says it had to do with the new European General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect May 25 and is the reason all of your apps have been updating and letting  [Read More…]

Best games for killing time during Christmas and the holidays

Great games for taking a wee break from your holiday festivities!

The holidays are a perfect time for relaxing and spending some quality time with family and friends — especially the times when our phones are put away.

But the reality is that people are always going to have their phones on them, and maybe sometimes it’s alright to use them for a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the season. On the other hand,  [Read More…]

The case for killing off the Bixby button

Even when Bixby Voice eventually arrives, there’s no reason to keep the annoying, user-hostile hardware button.

This week there was at least some good news around Bixby, Samsung’s maligned AI thing from the Galaxy S8. Two months after launch, Samsung announced that Bixby Voice would finally be arriving… in the form of a beta program, in one country, the United States.

On one hand, the glacial pace of Bixby’s development is understandable. It’s far more complex in  [Read More…]

Sprint is going all-in on unlimited and killing its 50%-off deal to boost revenue

Sprint is getting rid of its metered plans entirely as it moves to a single unlimited plan.

Sprint has announced its intention to get rid of its metered plans and go all-in on unlimited as it tries to find a balance between the intensely competitive U.S. wireless market and its own need to keep revenues high.

The company is ending its long-standing 50%-off deal, which offered up to four lines for $ 90 per month to new customers, and  [Read More…]

Sony is killing the Z lineup in favor of the new Xperia X line

If you were caught off guard by Sony releasing their new Xperia X lineup of phones at MWC 2016 this year, you wouldn’t be the only ones. Seemingly out of nowhere Sony released flagship, mid-range and budget phones, the X Peformance, X, and XA respectively. This understandably, left some of us wondering where this new lineup of phones would land in Sony’s portfolio of devices. It appears, according to a post on Sony’s German Facebook page, that the X lineup  [Read More…]

Lenovo is killing the Moto E and Moto G lines

It’s been a fast and furious week. Centering around CES 2016, we’ve seen a ton of information come from the Lenovo camp about the future of their mobile division. First off we heard that Lenovo would be shuttering the Motorola branding on the phones they produce from here on out, choosing only to use the Moto name. There was a lot of immediate and emotional reaction to the Motorola name going away on phones, but Lenovo wasn’t done making news.

  [Read More…]

Why the OnePlus 2 missed the flagship killing mark

The OnePlus 2 was arguably the most hyped and anticipated phone of 2015, and rightly so. The original OnePlus One shook up the market and showed that a budget phone could also compete with the more expensive flagships.

The OnePlus 2 promised to build upon that idea by adding more features that consumers wanted while still keeping a low, competitive price. Unfortunately, there is more competition in the budget flagship space this year than there was last year, and that  [Read More…]

Project Abacus is an ATAP project aimed at killing the password

Google ATAP wants to implement a real time security system that constantly makes sure the person using your phone is you.

The folks at ATAP, who are usually busy with things like Project Ara or making our clothes smarter, want to kill the password. It’s a lofty goal, one we’ve heard from many folks in the past, but the demonstration at Google I/O today is one of the first that seems  [Read More…]

Three UK reportedly killing unlimited tethering for new contract customers

A report this morning by Wired UK claims that local carrier, Three, is set to put an end to unlimited tethering allowances for new contract customers. It’s supposed to be part of a raft of changes to the contract offerings which will still see all-you-can-eat data options available, but tethering will now be capped on those at 2GB.

   [Read More…]

HTC killing its HTC Watch movie service March 31

HTC Watch

Customers urged to download their paid content before March 31 closure

HTC is culling their HTC Watch movie sales and rental store, effective March 31, 2014. The service had seen closures outside the states last year, and nobody is really surprised by this move.

As a user of the HTC Watch service we would like to notify you that from March 31st 2014 the store will no longer be available.

Up until  [Read More…]