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The ‘Kinda Blue’ Pixel 2 is now available through Project Fi

Until today, the only way that you could purchase the “Kinda Blue” Pixel 2 was exclusively available on Verizon. Now, the Kinda Blue color option is now available through both the Google Store and Project Fi. 

Kinda Blue Pixel 2 now available for non-Verizon customers

Your choice of getting it unlocked or on Project Fi.

The Pixel 2 might not be the best-looking phone released in 2017, but it’s still a big improvement over its first-generation sibling. Google launched the phone in four main colors, with Kinda Blue (my personal favorite) being limited to the small Pixel 2 on Verizon Wireless. Thankfully, that Verizon exclusivity is finally changing.

On its official Twitter account, Project Fi announced that the Kinda Blue Pixel 2  [Read More…]

Google Pixel 2 will start at $649, offer ‘Kinda Blue’ third color option

How many more leaks will we see? This about wraps it up.

The Google hardware leaks are coming hard and fast, and the latest of the group reveals fresh information about the forthcoming Pixel 2 — the smaller sibling to the Pixel 2 XL. According to Droid-Life, the Google Pixel 2 will launch at the same starting price as last year’s Pixel, $ 649, which will put it well below the purported $ 849 price of the Pixel 2  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: Samsung takes a $4 billion hit, Allo (kinda) comes to the desktop

Here’s what happened in the world of Android today.

The week started off heavy, and today just added to it. It was earnings day for all of the major companies, which means we got to see just how hard the Note 7 fiasco hit Samsung ($ 4 billion, ouch). But we also got to see Alphabet pass the $ 5 billion income mark for the quarter, and also remind ourselves that LG’s mobile business is still  [Read More…]

SteamVR through Google Cardboard is weird and kinda great!

You can play SteamVR games with Google Cardboard, but be careful.

Trying VR is the first and best way to get someone excited about VR, but that raises some interesting challenges. The HTC Vive isn’t exactly what you’d call portable, and carting around the $ 600 Oculus Rift alongside your very expensive PC still isn’t a great option. If you find yourself without a VR headset, yet still curious about the experience, there’s a DIY project  [Read More…]

Anker PowerHouse Review: UNLIMITED POWER (kinda)

Usually when I refer to portable power packs, I’m talking about the kind of battery you slip in your pocket to power your Pokemon hunt. The Anker PowerHouse … is not one of those.

With a theoretical capacity of 120,000mAh / 400Wh, the PowerHouse is hours and hours of energy in a nine-pound box. But the laws of physics are fickle things, and even such brute-force power density doesn’t guarantee this battery bank will give you the endurance you’re  [Read More…]

Facebook v37 (kinda) lets you move app to SD card

The newest beta of Facebook for Android (version 37) allows users to move the app to the SD card somewhat. Only 50MB, which Android Authority believes is the APK file, are moved while the remaining 150MB stay on internal storage. In addition, this division causes the app’s size to increase slightly. It is not known why Facebook went with this rather than relocating the entire app.

If you like this idea, you can grab Facebook v37 from APK mirror. Beta  [Read More…]