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Everything Lenovo Smart Display does better than a tablet in the kitchen

Android Things is functional in ways a normal tablet can’t manage, and that’s okay.

With the launch of Lenovo’s Smart Display with Android Things onboard, we’ve seen one question, in particular, stand out above the others. Why buy this when you can buy an Android tablet? Wouldn’t it be better to have something battery powered you could take with you everywhere? In some ways, sure, a tablet offers portability and functionality beyond the Android Things platform.

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Upgrade your kitchen with a touchless Moen Arbor Motionsense faucet

High-tech meets low cost.

Amazon is offering 30% off Moen Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless Kitchen Faucets today. These typically sell for at least $ 350, but today prices start at just $ 246.76. They all have great customer reviews, too. There are three different colors to choose from, all of which are on sale.

These faucets are easy to install and fully retractable. My best friends have this in their kitchen, and it’s awesome. There’s a sensor  [Read More…]

This 3-quart Instant Pot Ultra can replace 10 kitchen gadgets and is down to its lowest price

No excuse not to cook at home!

Amazon has the 3-quart Instant Pot Ultra on sale for $ 79.95 today, which is the lowest it’s ever sold for. This model generally sells for around $ 120, and any other time it has reached the $ 80 mark it’s sold out insanely fast. We expect we could see the same here, so if you want one, you’ll want to be quick about it.

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Meater review: A wireless smart thermometer for the next-gen kitchen

The Meater takes the guesswork out of grilling and preparing various types of meat. The Bluetooth unit walks you through cooking steak, chicken, and other foods, making sure you cook it precisely the way your family and guests like it.

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Amazon Alexa will start helping out in the kitchen with microwave controls

Meet your new cooking assistant.

The different use cases for Alexa has grown substantially over the past couple years. The assistant works great for simple tasks like playing music and getting weather info, and using it for controlling smart lights and ordering an Uber never get old. Now, Amazon is planning Alexa’s next great frontier – the kitchen.

On the Amazon Alexa blog, it was recently announced that Alexa’s Smart Home Skill API is gaining support for  [Read More…]

Google Home hoping to improve the kitchen with ‘start cooking’ command

We could all use an extra kitchen helper.

Google Home already had independent cooking and recipe integrations available, but is now trying to roll things up into a single place with the launch of a “start cooking” command. You simply pick a recipe from several sources on your phone via Google Assistant, select “Send to Google Home” and it’ll be waiting there whenever you are ready to start cooking.

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How to use Google Home to help in the kitchen with cooking and baking

Google Home won’t bake you cookies, but it sure can help with the process.

Depending on your comfort level in the kitchen, cooking and baking can range anywhere from “fun!” to “can we just order pizza instead?” — but if you’re willing to get in there, Google Home can be a useful tool. Here’s a handful of tips to let Google Home be an excellent companion in the kitchen.


OK Google …

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The 2016 DC Code Kitchen in pictures

Another fantastic environment for everyone to learn and have fun.

The folks behind IDEAA host a unique combination of developer and social events around the world, most commonly known for the annual Big Android BBQ in Texas. This past weekend was the East Coast version of their Code Kitchen events, held in Alexandria, Va. It’s a one day event aimed at creating an environment where anyone can learn Android developer basics, followed by a social event  [Read More…]

Registration now open for IDEAA’s 2016 DC Code Kitchen and Meat & Greet

If you’re a developer interested in a day of learning, coding and more alongside other coders, registration is now open for the DC Code Kitchen and Meat and Greet on April 9. Put together by the International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance (IDEAA), the event takes place in Alexandria, Virginia on April 9 and provides plenty for both established developers and those interested in starting to code to look forward to. From IDEAA:

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ARCHOS and Freshub Launch ARCHOS Kitchen Screen, the World’s First Connected Kitchen e-Grocery Shopping Tool

ARCHOS Kitchen Screen

On January 6th at CES, ARCHOS, a well-known manufacturer of Android devices, and Freshub, a connected-kitchen Israeli startup, launched the ARCHOS Kitchen Screen. The end-to-end service is a kitchen-tailored version of the ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet.

The ARCHOS Kitchen Screen allows consumers to be able to shop for grocery products. They can do this by adding them to a digital shopping cart by  [Read More…]